Xu Mengtao, Olympic champion of the Winter Olympics, set February 14 as her wedding anniversary

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Yesterday was February 14th, which is also valentine’s Day in western countries.Xu Mengtao from Anshan, Liaoning province won the women’s freestyle skiing aerialskills final to add another gold medal to China’s Olympic delegation.She won the event with the highest score of 108.61 points in the final, finally fulfilling her Olympic dream at home.It was also the fifth gold medal won by The Chinese delegation at this Winter Olympics.We extend our warm congratulations to Xu Mengtao.Xu Mengtao, born in Anshan, Liaoning Province on July 12, 1990, is a member of the Chinese women’s freestyle skiing aerialist Team.In xu Mengtao gold medal pursuit of the road was full of hardships, Xu Mengtao began to practice gymnastics at the age of four, not only good at suffering, and her understanding is very high, strength and physical quality is very good, in 1998, Xu Mengtao was elected to liaoning Province gymnastics team at the age of eight.In the 9th National Games of Liaoning province in 2002, 12-year-old Xu Mengtao made her debut and won three gold MEDALS, two silver MEDALS and one bronze medal in the provincial Games.It was at the age of 12 that xu’s life came to a turning point. In August 2002, Xu’s father sent her to Chen Hongbin, then a teacher at shenyang Sports Institute and head coach of the National team, to start training in freestyle skiing.In 2013, Xu Mengtao won the gold medal of the freestyle skiing aerial skill competition at the World Championships in Norway. In 2014, Xu Mengtao won the silver medal of the freestyle skiing aerial skill competition at the Sochi Winter Olympics.However, Xu Mengtao has been eager to board the Olympic gold medal podium as soon as possible, the dream paid off, this time in Beijing Winter Olympics, Xu Mengtao finally realized their dream of champion.It was her first Olympic medal in the history of the Winter Games.In the women’s freestyle skiing aerials final of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the women’s freestyle skiing aerials final is divided into two rounds. The first round is the final round. The athletes in the first round have two opportunities to jump and the higher score of the two rounds is the score of the round.The second round finalist only gets one chance.Xu mengtao, who played 10th in the first round, played steadily in the first round, successfully challenging a back flip and 1080 degrees to score 103.89 points.ASHLEY Caldwell of the United States, China’s biggest rival in the first round, ranked first with 103.92 points.In the second round, Xu Mengtao chose to give up the second round by virtue of the perfect play of the first round and successfully advanced to the final of the next round.In the final, Xu mengtao played perfectly in the 5th place and scored 108.61 points.Finally won the gold medal for the Chinese delegation.Xu Mengtao, the four veteran finally round his gold medal dream at home!So far, in her career, Xu Mengtao has won a total of 28 world championships, has the world’s most difficult moves, the total number of points ranked first in the world.In this Winter Olympics competition, Xu Mengtao’s difficulty movement is the highest player in the audience, she took out the men’s movement difficulty in the women’s event.Finally won the fifth gold medal for the Chinese delegation.Xu was so excited when she won the gold medal, she shouted excitedly at the scene: “We won!”Yes, we won, China won!Xu mengtao said Feb 14 has always been a very special date in her life, and that three important “firsts” in her life are all related to this day, which she will always remember.On February 14, 2009, 19-year-old Xu Mengtao won her first World Cup title at the Aerials World Cup in Moscow.On February 14, 2014, Xu Mengtao won the silver medal in the freestyle skiing aerials final at the Sochi Winter Olympics, winning her first Olympic medal.Eight years later, xu mengtao won her first Olympic gold medal at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Feb. 14.On February 14, she won the gold medal in women’s aerials freestyle skiing.Xu Mengtao excitedly said, I will always remember February 14 this day, later to put their wedding anniversary in February 14, give birth to children also want to be born on February 14!Congratulations to Xu Mengtao for winning the gold medal in women’s aerials freestyle skiing and her happiness!It is the responsibility and obligation of every Chinese to pay attention to the Beijing Winter Olympics and come on and help China!Readers, do you think xu Mengtao’s gold medal in women’s aerials freestyle skiing final is very impressive?What do you think of the ideas in this article?You are welcome to join the discussion in the comments section.We will continue to provide in-depth coverage and commentary on the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Thank you for following, reading, commenting and forwarding. See you next time.