The forecast said that gansu will have a big snowstorm tomorrow!

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From February 5 to 7, the Middle East region of China will see the heaviest rain and snow since the Year of the Tiger.This process has the characteristics of wide range, large magnitude, complex rain and snow phase, local freezing rain, the impact will affect more than 20 provinces, regions and cities, hunan, Hubei, Anhui and other parts of the region will have a heavy snowstorm, the local heavy snowstorm in southeast Xizang.As the process of rain and snow overlaps with the peak time of return trip during the Spring Festival, the public should pay attention to the weather change during the return trip.In the past 10 days (From January 24 to February 2), the central and eastern parts of China saw a wide range of obvious rain and snow, with more precipitation than the same period of the previous year.A new round of rain and snow is brewing, and this time it will affect a wider area, affecting more parts of central and eastern China.The National Meteorological Center (NMC) predicted that from February 5 to 7, there will be a large-scale rain or snow weather process in northwest China, western North China, western and southern Huang-Huai Regions and most areas south of them. The line of boundary between rain and snow lies in northern Yunnan, southern Guizhou, western and northern Jiangnan.Gansu, Shaanxi, Ningxia, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui and other parts of the region will see heavy snow.Specific terms, on February 5th, western mountainous area of southern xinjiang, xinjiang, the eastern qinghai-tibet plateau, gansu, shaanxi, northern northern guizhou, yunnan and other places in parts of a small to moderate snow or sleet, among them, eastern Tibet, qinghai south-central north and east, central and southern gansu, shaanxi, large parts of the northwest of yunnan and other places have to blizzard, southeastern Tibet local big blizzard.On February 6, heavy snowfall will occur in Hubei province, southern Henan Province, southern Shaanxi Province and western Anhui province, with moderate to heavy snow possible.On February 7, this round of rain and snow gradually came to an end.In southern Jiangsu, central and southern Anhui, northwest Zhejiang, northwest Guizhou and other places may have snow or rain and snow mixed weather.In addition, purple range appeared on the forecast chart of February 5, mainly concentrated in southeast Xizang, indicating that there will be a heavy snowstorm (20-25 mm) in the local area, reminding the above areas to strengthen prevention of heavy snowfall and snow on transportation, production and life, animal husbandry and other adverse effects.Source: China Weather Network intern editor: Bai Peiwen Supervisor: Mu Haoqiang