Latest publicity!My district will add a provincial characteristic commercial street!

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Unique British style, high-end “international style” theme format, unlimited creative trends……With the label of “trend, fashion, vitality and health”, China Resources Jiuyu three characteristic blocks will soon be “promoted” to provincial characteristic commercial streets.Recently, anhui Provincial Department of Commerce announced the results of “Anhui characteristic Commercial Street accreditation review”, 12 commercial streets to be identified as “Anhui characteristic commercial street”, located in my district of Hefei China Resources Nine more than three characteristic blocks on the list.Plan to identify “Anhui characteristic commercial street” listHefei hefei huarun Hong street, nine more than three characteristic street hefei nanxiang tea, characteristics of water street business district in hefei FeiDong I yue square my f printing lane bozhou, greentown green cattle square street, suzhou qu fang street fuyang guanzhong old street lane wuhu city issue of huainan seal xuancheng north street, anqing city pour steak lions, historical and cultural blocks, anqing kangxi left lane between wen one brigade blocks around the city,Or antique, or quiet art, or unique, not only reflects the style of The Times, but also writing a strong cultural connotation.The characteristic commercial street is the essence of a city, which is the precipitation of a city’s history and culture, as well as the symbol of a city’s economic and trade prosperity.Luyang has the most provincial and municipal featured commercial streets in the city: Huaihe Road pedestrian Street, old newspaper featured commercial street, Qiguitang featured commercial pedestrian street, Vanke Neighborhood featured commercial Street…Small fresh, big business, ancient town wind, leisure wind, all in Luyang.One street, one product, each style.If each characteristic block of Luyang has its own temperament, then the temperament belonging to the nine and three characteristic blocks of China Resources must be vibrant.This article has the reputation of “create regional landmark upgrade work” commercial blocks, with “trend, fashion, vitality, health” as the theme, to fashion youth, fashion hot mama, sports talent, parent-child family as the main customers, build gather experience, interesting, creative space for lohas, opens the hefei north business circle development of a new chapter.China Resources Jiuyusan characteristic commercial Block consists of “Mixmixi” and single-family commercial block. Currently, it has settled 120 businesses, mainly providing characteristic catering, entertainment and leisure, and convenient services.From the “time-honored” spring qin noodle restaurant, to the popular “net red” shop four springs bridge deck restaurant, and then to the elegant art shop steel piano line…Stroll the block, a store a trick, a brick, not only embodies the old Hefei massiness, but also contains the vitality of the new Hefei, with thick human fireworks.In 2021, China Resources Jiuyusan Characteristic Commercial Block was approved as “Network Red Block of Luyang District Night Economy Demonstration Point”.This time, China Resources Jiuyusan characteristic commercial block was approved as “Anhui characteristic Commercial Street”, will become the fifth provincial characteristic commercial block in Luyang District.Characteristic commercial streets reveal the glamour LuYang tells the LuYang here to walk past to find your sole memory, end, source: luyang district business bureau audit | Qin Wei coordinating editor | yu was born edit | Eunice li