It’s no surprise that Huang xiaoming and Angelababy announced their divorce

2022-08-06 0 By

Some netizens say that celebrities in the entertainment industry get married and divorced just like playing house. From time to time, there are obviously inexplicable marriages and divorces, unlike most of us ordinary people.For us ordinary people, marriage is not a joke, whether divorce and marriage should be fully considered, think about it, really do not understand the behavior of stars.Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming have announced their divorce. It can be seen that they amicably separated. Why do you say so?Take a look at their social media posts, which are surprisingly consistent, announcing their divorce: “Thank you for everything in the past, but the future is still family!”Many netizens may not understand the couple, or may be surprised, because in 2010, there was a rumor about them. Huang xiaoming and Angelababy dated for 5 years and were married for 7 years.How good their relationship was in the past. When Huang Xiaoming was celebrating Angelababy’s birthday, they just saw that you were in a romantic period. Huang Xiaoming also starred in the new dance song “Can’t Stand It” with Angelababy, and they left a good impression on each other.After that, huang started dating Angelababy and starred together in a Romantic Affair. Actually, before this time, Huang xiaoming was already in a tacit relationship with Angelababy.But Lee’s interview implied that Angelababy was involved in her relationship with Huang xiaoming.After baby denied it, Angelababy posted on Weibo: “I live a happy life. Thank you for your concern!”I have to say that there is something wrong with this matter. Since I am in love, why don’t I admit it?Then the two went into the palace of marriage, often on social platforms to announce their love and love, a beautiful marriage, and then Angelababy is pregnant, the son sponge soft and adorable, Huang Xiaoming was photographed with his son to visit Angelababy, netizens many times encountered Huang Xiaoming Angelababy family outing.The family boon conjured love and then slowly had the omen of divorce, sometimes had to believe me the power of the masses, there are several net friends that they have been divorced, but were denied by both sides at that time, there were net friends exposed they were divorced because of the work of the reason.After that, they also had few public activities, perhaps because of relationship problems, but due to public opinion, did not announce the divorce.Now finally announced divorce, must be after their thoughtful decision, of course, also hope that they will live better and better!For more celebrity news, check out Little Yuan Ping ping!