Liu Hongjian led a team to Shenzhen to attract investment

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From February 16 to 19, Liu Hongjian, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Municipal Committee, led a team to Shenzhen, Guangdong province, to conduct investment promotion activities, visit enterprises, discuss cooperation and seek common development.The schedule of this activity is tight, pragmatic and efficient.Liu Hongjian and his delegation visited zhengwei International Group, Century Cloud Core, China Resources Group, Defang Nano, Pengrui Group, Huaqiang Fangte Group, Wentai Technology, Huawei and other enterprises successively. They had in-depth exchanges with the enterprise leaders on relevant cooperation issues and reached new consensus on further deepening cooperation.Liu Hongjian pointed out that Kunming’s economic and social development has made certain achievements in recent years, and its future development will have advantages in many aspects, such as resource endowment, industrial foundation, open door and policy overlay.Currently, kunming is thoroughly study and apply xi general secretary at yunnan important speech spirit, earnestly implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government to deploy, vigorously promotes the industry development, investment promotion and capital introduction and market main body to foster, business environment construction, such as the key work, efforts to promote the development of the industry to achieve big promotion, investment promotion and capital introduction to realize breakthrough to realize great development, project construction,Be the pacesetter in the economic and social development of the province.Liu hongjian said kunming’s development is inseparable from the active participation and strong support of enterprises and entrepreneurs.I sincerely hope that all entrepreneurs will strengthen their confidence and determination to develop in Kunming, seize opportunities, take Kunming as the focus of investment layout, further identify the entry point and combination point of cooperation, invest in Kunming, settle in Kunming, deeply cultivate Kunming, and work together to achieve win-win development.Kunming will vigorously create a pro-business, pro-business, good atmosphere of love business, build first-class business environment, optimization services, strengthening elements, one thousand ways to solve the enterprise development, and push the problems and difficulties existing in the project, for the majority of enterprises and entrepreneurs continue to “have nothing is one called bing,” “the bartender” and “nanny” service, all-weather, the whole cycleLet enterprises and entrepreneurs concentrate, feel at ease, feel at ease, and feel at ease to invest and develop in Kunming.Liu hongjian also expressed the hope that all the leading enterprises will give full play to their leading and exemplary role, vigorously promote Kunming, organize businessmen and friends from all walks of life to visit Kunming, help us attract investment in the industrial chain and by business, and encourage more enterprises to invest in Kunming.Officials of the enterprises said that Kunming enjoys obvious development advantages and huge development potential, and they are full of confidence in further deepening cooperation.The enterprises attach great importance to the cooperation with Kunming, and will focus on the development of key industries in Kunming, further increase investment, expand cooperation areas, actively promote the early implementation of contracted projects, accelerate the construction of the projects under construction, and put into operation at an early date, so as to make new and greater contributions to the high-quality development of Kunming.Xu Xiaomei, Sun Jie, Wang Xun and Zhang Qinxun attended the above activities.Source: Kunming Daily editor: Zhou Lu Review: Xiao Mi Juan final: Song Jianbo