Hangzhou property market heat rise, cloud city is underestimated, Hangzhou West station new high

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I am hangzhou house elder brother, senior real estate investment expert.The homebuying mentor you’ve come to know so far has provided 7,000 people with the best solution for buying a home.Brother room unlike other we media, secretive let you feel confused!Brother Fang is a practical person who only says the most useful operation and advice for you.Dear Brother Fang, I plan to buy a house in Hangzhou. I feel that the planning of cloud City plate is very good, with the good news of Hangzhou West Railway Station.I heard that hangzhou west station is going to build the first building in Hangzhou, has it started now?Answer: Hangzhou West Railway Station is of high grade, with a construction area of nearly 1.3 million square meters. Seven high buildings are planned, with a height of 399 meters, two 300 meters and four 250 meters, 200 meters, 200 meters and 150 meters respectively.The building of Hangzhou West Railway Station will be the tallest in hangzhou when completed, with a height of nearly 400 meters.It can be predicted that more skyscrapers will appear in the increasingly international Hangzhou.Ask: room elder brother is good, I am deputy high title, 55 one full year of life, already dealt with retire, what method obtains Hangzhou registered permanent residence excuse me?Qian Jiang new city experiment school, Hangzhou middle school, which is better?Answer: Depending on your situation, you can obtain a Hangzhou hukou by means of points settlement or direct family members.According to the results of the high school entrance examination in recent years, Qianjiang New City experimental school can be ranked within the top three public schools, is a priority choice.Ask a question: room elder brother, buy secondhand room now, do loan difficult?Want to exchange big house next year, now hold the house need to sell in advance?Worried that next year’s house is difficult to sell, replacement of the down payment is not enough.Answer: now is the peak season of the property market every year, the loan number is more than the bank loan quota index, the loan is more difficult.It’s worth selling early at a time of year when deals are easiest and prices are relatively high.Ask a question: room elder brother, I am authentic old hangzhou person, plan to buy a house in hangzhou xiasha, investment use, have investment value?Answer: There is a saying in Hangzhou that there are three thousand years’ worth of holes that cannot be touched when buying a house and investing in these years, which are xiasha, Xianlin and Jiubao.Xiasha, which is planned to be part industrial area, part university, is bound to limit its potential for rising property prices.From 2018 to 2020, housing prices in Xiasha have been polarized, with some places rising and some places falling.Since Xiasha has been developed for many years, the environment of many residential areas is old and there is little land for sale. There is no favorable stimulation of land price and no big planning for the urban environment, so the housing price lacks motivation.Ask: room elder brother, hello!I am graduate student record of formal education, the near future plan is settled in Hangzhou, total price budget is less than 3 million, head pays 60%, investment utility, the appreciation potential that has what dish is biggest ah?Answer: According to the investment value, the recommended new housing development: Hangzhou Wangyun Chaocheng, Binwangya Ting, Xi Yue Yun and garden.The above 3 buildings have good investment value, the total price of the starting house is less than 3 million, you can choose.Ask: room elder brother hello, I am nonlocal registered permanent residence, can integral settle hangzhou, hangzhou handed in one year social security now, want to ask next integral settle the probability of success big not big?Answer: In 2021, 23,776 valid applicants will apply for hukou in Hangzhou with 135 points.Next year, the situation will be much the same, with a score of 135 to qualify for hukou.Ask a question: fang elder brother, I am taizhou wenling person, work in Wenzhou Yueqing, plan to buy a house this year.Now more hesitant place is, wenling and Yueqing how to choose?Which place is more promising?Answer: Both Wenzhou and Taizhou are located on the coast of Zhejiang province. Yueqing is a county-level city of Wenzhou, and Wenling is a county-level city of Taizhou. They are close to each other.The overall area of Yueqing is larger than wenling, but there is only a small amount of land available for construction along the coast. The main urban areas are Liushi town in the south and Lecheng town in the east.Wenling has more flat land than Yueqing, and cash crop agriculture is also more developed, because it directly depends on the open sea, and aquatic breeding and fishing industry will be more developed.Ask a question: room elder brother, I want to buy a house in Hangzhou, settle down to the child, go to school, the child reads fourth grade in Guizhou, can turn over after buying a house to arrange a class?The primary school that buys which building dish form a complete set is bit better?Answer: according to your situation, recommend primary school: adopt he three small.Caihe Third Primary School is located in the upper city district. According to the reading situation in 2020, as long as the children’s household registration, parents’ household registration and parents’ house are within the scope of the school district house, they can study.Three small school districts have two real estate, respectively, the east side of the mining lotus, mining lotus people, in line with your housing needs, available.Ask: room elder brother hello!I am a foreigner, plan to buy a house in Hangzhou, hold about 5 years.Can we buy a house in Lin ‘an or is there a way to buy a house in the main city?If I pay hangzhou social security, is there any conflict with my city’s social security?I work for a public company.Answer: There is a way.For example: test an intermediate title, after the test to pay three years of Social security in Hangzhou, you can buy a house in the main city.For example: directly pay four years of Hangzhou social security, four years later, you can buy a house in the main city.Fangge provides professional title services, social security services, please find fangge.Ask a question: room elder brother hello, I am nonlocal registered permanent residence, have no room in Hangzhou, plan to buy a house in linan first, loan 7 become.If IN the future MY social security full 2 years, with hangzhou urban housing qualifications, can 60% down payment, and then in Hangzhou urban loans to buy a house, Lin ‘an house number?Will it affect buying in the city?Will there be any problems with bank loan approval?Thank you very much!Answer: does not occupy the set number, does not affect the urban area to buy a house.Bank loans will not be affected.Ask a question: room elder brother, does linan still have investment value now?How high will it go?Answer: The house of Lin ‘an, still have investment value.According to the price limit data of the land that has been sold in Lin ‘an this year, there will be 5 new houses in the next batch of new houses listed in Lin ‘an whose price exceeds 26,000 yuan/square meter.As the price of land is increasing year by year, the house price of Lin ‘an is in a passive rise, active rise of the double situation, the house price increase is optimistic.Ask a question: room elder brother hello, buy subway room in hangzhou, how to choose?Answer: In the long run, home buyers will be more and more selective.Neighborhoods within a 15-minute walk of a subway station are the first choice for home buyers.Real estate is doomed to only a small number of people can make money, we run ahead of most people, many people give brother room message questions, brother room energy is limited, can not answer one by one.Please pay attention to the wechat public account of “Hangzhou Fangge”, enter the knowledge planet to ask questions, answer all questions and send internal information worth 10,000 YUAN as a gift;Important information is only posted on Knowledge Planet.Knowledge planet has counted out the most cost-effective real estate investment in Hangzhou.Help to provide selection, bargaining, loans, break the purchase limit and other professional advice, full guidance to buy a house.Customize the most suitable for your real estate investment plan, one step faster than others to achieve wealth freedom.Knowledge planet popular articles: “Exclusive! 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