New Year together, 2 acupuncture points, 2 cure the diet, to help you sober up

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Family and friends may have to drink a few glasses of wine to celebrate the New Year.However, if you drink too much alcohol, dizziness, stomach pain and other uncomfortable.Today, Beijing Chinese medicine expert Guo Yonghong director to introduce two acupuncture points, can effectively alleviate the discomfort of drinking, a press a knead, save drunk!In China, people often drink liquor, beer, red wine and yellow rice wine.A small amount of drinking can promote blood circulation, invigorate blood stasis, encourage Yang qi, excessive drinking is harmful but no benefit.As the saying goes, “No wine is impossible.”Weddings and funerals, welcoming and sending, and gatherings of relatives are inseparable from wine, and Chinese wine culture is very rich.Alcohol can encourage Yang qi, but excessive drinking can make blood racing, greatly hurt Yang Qi.Drunk people, urinate too much, so the Yin fluid in the body is insufficient, easy to be irritable and thirsty after drinking, if in order to temporarily happy, drink a lot of cold water to quench thirst that is a big mistake.Because Yang qi is in the table, the body is empty, if the cold evil stays in the spleen and stomach directly, then the future is endless.And some friends like drinking ice beer, such as the symptom of forehead pain after drinking, is the performance of cold in the stomach.In the eighth chapter of a Dream of Red Mansions, bao Yu said again, ‘Don’t make it hot. I only like it cold.’Aunt Xue said,’ I can’t help it. The cold wine will make my writing hands tremble.’Baochai laughed and said,’ Brother Bao, don’t you know that wine has the hottest properties and spreads quickly when eaten hot?If it is eaten cold, it will condense inside and take the viscera to warm it, won’t it suffer?And it hasn’t changed since.Don’t eat that cold.'” Whether it is modern research or traditional Chinese medicine, the damage to health is less when the wine is ironed. Unfortunately, nowadays people are more convenient and seldom have the habit of drinking while ironing.For long-term alcoholism, health harm is greater, easy to cause cirrhosis and even liver ascites, liver cancer and other liver consolidation.Remedies after drunkenness There are occasions when alcohol is necessary. If you are aware of being unable to drink or drunk, you should take some measures to remedy the situation and avoid further damage to your body.If you are conscious, you can use the method of throat spitting, spitting out the food in the stomach and has not been absorbed by the body of the wine, in order to avoid food stagnation for a long time and damage the stomach gas, but also reduce the absorption of alcohol.After vomiting, you can drink moderate amount of warm honey water to replenish water.However, consciousness is not awake, absolutely do not rashly vomit, lest vomit choking into the trachea, resulting in suffocation.After drinking to knock and rub, probe the stomach meridian “bi Guan acupoint” (leg root midpoint three fingers wide place).If “bi Guan acupoint” pain is difficult, to knock and knead until the pain decreased or reduced.Clearing the stomach canal can relieve stomach upset after drinking.In addition, some people drink a headache, most of the position in the forehead, here is the line of the stomach meridian, at this point, “bi Guan acupoint” can also reduce discomfort.For drunk people, stimulating the “Rate valley point” can help sober up.”Rate valley point” in the head, in the tip of the ear straight into the hairline 1.5 inches (two finger width), drunk hands hold the head, with the thumb in the “rate Valley point” knead, if the pain, can be used for 3 ~ 5 minutes, after the pain is reduced, the drowsy mind will feel relaxed.We have been pursuing health, and the way to health lies in the daily food and drink, whether you can control your mouth, doctors, drugs, health products can not help, the only control is our own beliefs.Only by embracing this concept and sticking to a proper diet can health be in your hands and mine.First from the ancient poem about wine to see the importance of wine to everyone: Tang dynasty poet Bai Juyi’s “Ask Liu 19” green ants new fermented wine, red clay stove.Song Dynasty Li Qingzhao “drunk flower Yin · mist thick cloud sorrow forever day” east hedge wine after dusk, there is a dark fragrance surplus sleeve.Tang Dynasty Li Bai “Will enter wine” cooking sheep and slaughtering cattle and fun, will have to drink 300 cups.However, only the people who love you care about how to cure you. So how to cure you after drinking?Professor Yu Jiajun, an expert of Traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing, introduced several remedy for alcoholic beverages: Ge Hua alcoholic soup Traditional remedy for alcoholic beverages: Ge Hua alcoholic soup.The original meaning of alcoholic meaning means that grain was transported to the warehouse in the capital. Combining unitary and cheng, it means that ‘drinking to celebrate after completing the task of transporting grain’. Therefore, the meaning of alcoholic meaning is expressed by means of alcoholic meaning, which means that you are somewhat happy to celebrate having drunk a big wine.The components of Ge Hua Alcoholic soup include: Ge hua, green peel, tangerine peel, amomum alba, xylobacter, Poria cocus, Alisma orientalis, dried ginger and ginseng etc.The whole group, there are gas, wet, warm, help Yang, tonic, all aspects of care is very in place.Since there are non-medicinal and food homogenous formulae in The alcoholic liquor of Pueraria sinensis, if we have limited conditions and can’t get all these drugs together, we can only take pueraria sinensis and Pueraria sinensis.When the old doctor and friends drink, next to the bubble on a pot of kudzu kudzu flower tea, drinking, drinking tea, “thousand cups not drunk” is a bit exaggerated, but the role of liver protection and dampness is some.It is our traditional hangover medicine, and medicine and food homology, also very safe.Besides, we also want to introduce a family alternative version of Ge Hua alcoholic soup, which was shared by Xian Jianchun, the academic heir of Mr. Deng Tietao. I introduced it to my friends and patients, many of them used it and received very good feedback.Cooking method: Cook amomum (bottom), tangerine peel and brown sugar together.Specific dosage: amomum 5 grams, a tangerine peel three pieces (about 10 grams), brown sugar amount.It means that when cooking the soup, put the tangerine peel and cook it for ten minutes, put the brown sugar, and then put the sand kernel before cooking it for a few seconds.Xing Qi: Tangerine peel, Emery seed warm Li: Emery seed, Red saccharification Wet: Emery seed fuyang: Emery seed, brown sugar filling deficiency: Brown sugar there are only 3 flavors in this soup, but the effect is not small, and the square structure is comparable to That of Pueraria alcoholic soup.The theory behind cure alcohol is to remove moisture and qi stagnation by practicing qi, dehumidification and diuresis.Add warm fuyang compatibility, can promote bladder gasification, so as to better cure alcohol;Wine is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach, so it will be warm and compatible with the stomach.Small as a sparrow is, it has all the organs.And it’s easy and it tastes good.Simple as this soup is, it still needs a little boiling.Later I made some adjustments in the process of using it.The tangerine peel powder, when using, 1 spoonful of tangerine peel powder, add a few sand kernel, a piece of brown sugar, boiling water can be stuffy for a few minutes.Because amomum takes its volatile oil and gas effect, it is originally under the last, and boiling water stewing bubble is also possible.Of course, if there is no dusting machine at home, tangerine peel can also not dusting, stuffy bubble for a while, so it is more simple.When you go out to have a party, you can use a vacuum cup to make a stuffy bubble in advance and take it with you. You can drink before and after drinking.If it is a family dinner, you can cook a pot in advance, as a drink, good and healthy.While we recommend cure soup, we recommend drinking as little as possible.Drinking on holiday is about being happy, and if it hurts your health, it’s not worth it.1. Do not soak your feet after drinking. It is not recommended to take a bath, especially a bath.2. Moxibustion, acupuncture, scraping and other external treatment methods are not recommended after drinking.Drunk to enter the room, hurt the body and life.”Huangdi neijing” said, “Take wine as slurry, take mistake as constant, drunk to enter the house, to exhaust its essence, to dissipate its truth”, drink wine as soup, drunk sex, drain its essence, dissipate the true qi, how can not harm the body?Festival reunion, drink happy, cook a pot of soup, moderate drinking will be more happy, more healthy.