Is gold leaf good for you?Why did the three departments jointly stop gold foil food?Experts read

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Source: CCTV news client original title: Eating gold foil is good for the body?Why did the three departments jointly stop gold foil food?Experts interpret gold foil chocolate, gold foil ice cream, gold foil cake, even gold foil steak, gold foil sushi, in recent years, some businesses in order to make the food they sell look more high-end, high-grade, began to “gold” food.And originally ordinary food, once put on the coat of gold foil, it immediately worth a hundred times, and even can be sold at sky-high prices.But if this happens again in the future, it will be illegal.Recently, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the National Health Commission and the General Administration of Customs jointly issued a notice, clearly pointed out that according to The provisions of China’s food safety laws and regulations and food safety standards, gold foil and silver foil, gold powder and silver powder are not food additives, can not be used in food production and management.Although the relevant departments are prohibited, but there are still businesses knowingly committed violations.Recently, zhejiang, Hubei, Hainan, Guangxi, Shandong and other places have carried out relevant special inspection activities.Why did the three departments jointly stop gold foil food?Adding gold foil to food, besides looking good, is it really good for you?Is edible gold leaf our common gold?Can gold leaf really be eaten?Is gold leaf really good for you?Gold leaf food is so expensive that some people think it must be good for you.Is that really the case?”Source of news” expert member of China Association for Science and Technology China agricultural university, professor of nutrition Zhi-hong fan: gold itself, because it is a relatively low chemical reactivity elements, it in our daily cooking this environment, it is difficult to dissolve out, that is to say, it is the form of a solid metal, it will not be able to become a ion, it into our blood.So in the case of a little bit of decoration with gold leaf, it can’t actually be absorbed.Well, of course you could melt it if you added aqua regia, but the point is that the acid in our stomach doesn’t do that much.So we can’t say you can absorb gold by eating gold foil, you can’t, it actually passes through your gut.Is gold leaf bad for you?Experts say very clearly, gold foil has no nutritional value for the human body at all, how to eat it will also be discharged as is.That some friends asked again, “a Dream of Red Mansions” in the second sister you swallow gold suicide plot, this eating gold foil will be harmful to the body?According to experts, people who swallow gold by swallowing it are gold nuggets, which can get stuck in the throat and cause suffocation, or fall down, tear through the digestive tract, injure organs and cause internal bleeding.The amount of gold leaf, it’s not enough to do that kind of damage.Can gold leaf poison people?Fan Zhihong, professor of nutrition at China Agricultural University and member of “Source News” expert bank of China Association for Science and Technology, said gold is a relatively stable chemical element. It will not react with hydrogen ions in stomach acid and release some ions, so in a sense, it is relatively inert.Therefore, you can not say that you eat a little gold leaf poisoning.Of course, you can’t eat too much.Hu Xiangpeng, deputy director of the department of gastroenterology, The Second Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University: If you take too much, it may cause indigestion and so on.Unless the amount is very large, it builds up in the gastrointestinal tract and may affect the gastrointestinal tract.If the gold leaf is not pure enough, or some other element is added, it can be toxic.Gold foil does not belong to the category of food additives in China gold foil does not belong to the category of food additives, so in China, how is the definition of food additives?In China, according to the relevant national standards on food safety and the use of food additives, food additives are defined as artificial or natural substances added into food for the purpose of improving food quality, color, aroma and taste, as well as for the needs of anti-corrosion, fresh-keeping and processing technology.At present, China’s food additives have 23 categories, more than 2,000 varieties, including acidity regulator, antioxidant, bleach, colorant, preservative and so on.Fan Zhihong, professor of nutrition of China Agricultural University, member of expert bank of “source News” of China Association for Science and Technology: There is also a case that in order to improve the nutritional value of food, for example, some vitamins, minerals, calcium and vitamin C are added, which are permitted.There’s also a case for improving the look and feel of a food, like chocolate, if you don’t add an emulsifier, it just doesn’t feel as smooth.For example, if you eat a birthday cake with no coloring and it’s all cream, you might feel boring too.So this is to improve the taste of food, improve its visual quality.Is edible gold leaf common gold?Obviously gold foil does not meet the requirements of food additives, and gold foil has not been included in the category of food additives in China.Experts introduce, gold foil is divided into edible gold foil and decorative gold foil.Decorative gold foil is usually 98 percent gold, while edible gold foil is 99.99 percent or more gold and can’t contain other heavy metals that can be toxic to humans, such as copper and lead.Why do the three agencies stop gold leaf?Why are some businesses so keen to dress their products in gold and silver?It’s simple. It can be more expensive.$5 ice cream, $58 on a piece of gold foil.There was even a piece of chocolate covered with gold foil that sold for 120,000 yuan.This time, the three departments jointly suspended gold foil food, on the one hand to avoid potential food safety risks, on the other hand is to curb the extravagance of the wind.Editor in charge: Liu Yun