Huizhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau held 17 online job fairs in the first quarter, providing 104,500 positions

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Employment is the biggest project for people’s wellbeing and an important guarantee for social stability.In order to do a solid job in stabilizing employment, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau actively implemented the policy of stabilizing employment, increased online recruitment to ensure the employment demand of enterprises, and implemented the “Ten Actions” for employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates. In the first quarter, 17 online job fairs were held, providing 104,500 positions.To meet the demand of enterprise employee at the same time, for the majority of workers in the current situation to provide employment services “don’t disconnect”, the city people club bureau intensify online recruitment, recruitment, remote video interview, dynamic post jobs information, implementation of the “employment service does not close, online recruitment non-stop” online spring breeze action, achieve stable employment under the outbreak “non-stop”.According to statistics, in the first quarter of this year, the municipal People’s And Social Security Bureau held spring breeze action, South Guangdong spring warming, employment assistance month, east and West cooperation special, special ex-servicemen, key employment special network job fair and other 17 activities, providing 1,024 enterprises, 104,500 posts, 192,000 times of web browsing.In order to better for job young people solve the problem of “difficult job” of reality, April 8, the city people club bureau will also joint the communist youth league committee, the chamber of commerce and industry in huizhou huizhou “hui employment, job you” huizhou large cloud recruitment in 2022, through a “live post” to carry out the cloud, only, broadcast live on recruitment, provide more and better job opportunities for youth job.Innovation and entrepreneurship is an important way to solve the employment problem of college students. In order to promote the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates, the Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security has completed the job subsidies for 1188 local graduates in 2022 since this year, and the amount of subsidies has reached 3.564 million yuan.