Zhang Wenhong explained that the new diagnosis and treatment plan adjustment: the average hospitalization days may be reduced to 10 days, home monitoring for 7 days after discharge

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Wu Jinglei, director of The Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, Zhang Wenhong, head of the COVID-19 expert team and director of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Huashan Hospital, and Xin Yi, Secretary of the CPC Pengpu Town Committee of Jing ‘an District, introduced the latest situation of Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control work at 10:00 on March 17.As for the COVID-19 ninth edition diagnosis and treatment protocol, Dr. Zhang wenhong said: From the first edition to the ninth edition, we have no knowledge of novel Coronavirus until now. The earliest diagnosis and treatment protocols were all formulated based on medical experience. With increasing scientific evidence, the latest Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol must be formulated based on science and the most reasonable one.Manage patients after discharge, 14 days or 21 days in isolation?It is generally believed that the longer the isolation, the safer it will be.It’s now set at seven days.Zhang Wenhong said that there must be sufficient scientific basis for 7 days, when the viral load is low to a certain extent, it is no longer infectious, stay at home for 7 days and then do a nucleic acid test, in line with the virus is very low level.This is a big adjustment for ordinary people.In the past, he was discharged to the isolation point and stayed for two weeks, but now he is discharged from the hospital and monitored at home for 7 days before receiving nucleic acid treatment.In view of CT value, Zhang Wenhong said that many people think that the lower the CT value, the better, in fact, it is not scientific.Some patients do not turn shade 4 months, should be in the hospital fixed point segregation 4 months?Obviously not, we have to give the most scientific nucleic acid discharge criteria.Is it when the nucleic acid level is low to a certain extent, discharged from the hospital is no longer infectious?At what level is risk low enough?Can we tolerate the minimum number of days quarantined?The new guidelines are based on the international response to COVID-19 for more than two years, with a lot of scientific research and standards.The lowered standards mean that patients are not kept in isolation for very long and can be discharged earlier.Currently, the average length of stay for COVID-19 patients in Shanghai is 15 days. After adjustment, it may be reduced to 10 days. Previously, they had to stay in isolation for two weeks, but now they can stay at home.For isolated people, isolated families, there is a huge change in sensitivity.This is also a scientific adjustment that professional doctors applaud and does not increase the risk of prevention and control for the whole society.Source: Shanghai News