Notice of Recruitment in 2022 of Luzhou Jiangnan New Area Construction and Investment Co., LTD

2022-08-03 0 By

According to the Notice of Luzhou State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission on The Announcement of The Talent Service Center entrusted by Municipal State-owned Enterprises (Luzhou SasAC Fa (2021) No.111) and the Public Recruitment Announcement of Luzhou Jiangnan New Area Construction And Investment Co., LTD in 2022 (March 10, 2022 / March 21, 2022),In strict accordance with the recruitment procedures, our company intends to employ Comrade Zhu Zhaohui, and hereby announces the following matters:1. Relevant Information of the employee No. Name Gender Education Background Certificate Holder Date of birth Intended Position 1 Zhu Zhaohui Male undergraduate Grade A construction engineer, Intermediate registered safety engineer August 1992 Engineering Department employee ii. Publicity period31 March 2022 to 7 April 2022 (5 working days).1. During the publicity period, any unit and individual can reflect the problems existing in the publicity object through letters, telephone calls and visits, and provide necessary investigation clues.In the name of the unit to report the problem should be affixed with the official seal, in the name of the individual to report the problem must use the real name and provide contact information.2. Reflect the problem to be practical and realistic, true and accurate, specific content, not to take the opportunity to slander false accusations.When the publicity period expires, if there is no problem affecting the employment, our company will handle the relevant procedures according to the procedures.Luzhou Jiangnan New Area Construction Investment Co., LTD. March 31, 2022