Huaiyin District will strive to enter the “100 billion Club” in terms of GDP in the next five years

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China Shandong network – perception Shandong February 17, 17, the communist Party of China Jinan Huaiyin District 13th congress of the first plenary meeting, sun Changjian on behalf of the Communist Party of China Jinan Huaiyin District 12th Committee to the conference report.Sun Changjian said that in the next five years, huaiyin district economic strength overall jump.We will fully implement the strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, strive to enter the “100 billion yuan club” of regional GDP, achieve double-digit annual growth in general public budget revenue, and strive to double the figure at the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan period by 2026.The level of leading industries has risen significantly, the industrial base has been upgraded, the industrial chain has been significantly modernized, and the real and digital economies have achieved high-quality development.The three industries are balanced, coordinated and deeply integrated, and consumption is constantly optimized and upgraded.The factors of scientific innovation are fully empowered.Innovation chains and industrial chains have been deeply integrated. Major breakthroughs have been made in undertaking the construction of key laboratories and major scientific and technological infrastructure. Our original innovation capacity has been constantly enhanced.Breakthroughs have been made in the development of various innovation platforms, RESEARCH and development platforms, high-tech enterprises, small “specialized and innovative” enterprises, and technology-based enterprises.The pattern of opening up expanded in all areas.The level and energy level of the city’s opening up to the outside world have been significantly improved. The functions of the Beijing-Shanghai convention hall, The Quanchong Cultural and art Convention hall, the tourism distribution hub, the transportation hub, and the consumption and logistics hub have been strengthened, and significant progress has been made in exchanges and cooperation with urban districts and counties in the nine provinces along the Yellow River.Efforts are being made to create a “youth-friendly urban district,” and the attractiveness of the region’s radiation power continues to increase.Guided by reform and innovation, breakthroughs were made in key areas and key links of reform, the business environment continued to improve, and market entities became more dynamic.The energy level of the city has been upgraded comprehensively.We will advance the rural vitalization strategy with high standards, strengthen the use of industry to subsidize agriculture and urban areas to support rural development, and vigorously promote integrated urban and rural development.New infrastructure to speed up the construction, the basic form of urban and rural integration development of the modern urban and rural areas form, blue network green way castle peak, green low carbon production lifestyle become fashion, fresh air show in qilu, days lang, rice fragrant flowers, beautiful picture scroll, urban modernization, refinement, wisdom, culture significantly increased, let HuaiYin see city, remember tungs of hometown nostalgia.Progress has been made in achieving common prosperity.We will continue to increase spending on people’s wellbeing, create better quality jobs, gradually narrow the income gap between urban and rural residents, and accelerate the realization of common prosperity in a phased manner.We will comprehensively make public services in education, medical care, culture, sports and other areas more equal, high-quality, and modern, and provide the best resources to the people.The social security system will be further improved, people’s sense of happiness in retirement will be improved in all respects, and people’s living standards and happiness index will rise markedly.The governance system has been comprehensively improved.Community-level governance systems and capabilities have become more modernized, and efforts have been made to build cities that serve as model cities for national civilization, significantly raising the level of civility in society.We have taken systematic, law-based, comprehensive, and source-based governance to improve socialist democracy and the rule of law, put in place a modern emergency response system, and significantly improved natural disaster prevention. Greater progress has been made in building a tree of peace, the rule of law, and integrity.Party building was strengthened in an all-round way.We should uphold and strengthen the Party’s overall leadership, and give full play to the role of exercising overall leadership and coordinating the efforts of all parties.We will continue to tighten our primary and oversight responsibilities for comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline, and comprehensively improve the quality of Party building.We will strengthen the ranks of cadres, improve the system for personnel work, and train a large number of high-quality personnel with both political integrity and ability, so as to ensure that the Cause of the Party is always alive.We will work together to ensure that the Party does not dare, cannot, and does not want to be corrupt, and deepen party self-governance across the board.