Good blood vessels can live a long life!Avoid clogging your blood vessels with these 5 habits

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Blood vessels are everywhere in the human body, which transport oxygen and nutrients to various parts of the body through blood vessels. Once the blood vessels are not unobstructed, it is impossible to transport nutrients, and the corresponding parts will suffer from ischemia and hypoxia.Therefore, only to ensure the patency of blood vessels, in order to maintain the normal functioning of our body.Along with age, as well as diet and bad living habits and so on, blood vessels will slowly aging, and even the problem of blockage, serious will directly affect the health and life of the human body.Do not want to give blood vessels clogged, some bad habits really want to get rid of, especially these kinds of bad habits, is the most afraid of blood vessels.5 Habits to stop clogging up your blood vesselsDue to the endless emergence of electronic products, a large part of the night lying down in bed are playing all kinds of electronic products, all kinds of brush mobile phones, one does not pay attention to midnight.This has become a common life phenomenon among young people.Staying up late for a long time will lead to the disorder of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular life, which will lead to the body secreting too much adrenaline and norepinephrine, which will cause vasoconstriction, slow blood flow and increased blood viscosity.Lipids in the blood have the potential to deposit on the walls of blood vessels, leading to hardening of the vessels and the formation of plaques that clog them.Short-term staying up late may not cause discomfort, but long-term staying up late will definitely cause irreversible damage to the body.With the continuous improvement of living standards, diet has really improved a lot. There are almost big fish and meat on the table of every family.It can be said that the current diet is characterized by high oil, high fat, high sugar and high salt. Such dietary characteristics easily lead to excessive accumulation of fat in blood vessels, resulting in increased blood viscosity, slow blood circulation, and ultimately lead to vascular sclerosis and vascular blockage.Therefore, if you eat too well, you will take in too much fat and cholesterol, which increases the burden on your blood vessels.Therefore, eating too well is also a problem of inducing blood vessel blockage.That’s what you call a close mouth.3. Long-term smoking smoking is really harmful to the body, there is no benefit, a survey shows that long-term smoking, the probability of atherosclerosis will be many times higher than non-smoking people.Visible, long-term smoking damage to blood vessels is also very large.Because there are a lot of harmful substances in tobacco, these substances will destroy the endothelium of the blood vessels, leading to accelerated hardening of the blood vessels, and then accelerate the blockage of the blood vessels.Therefore, do not want to have cardiovascular diseases in the future, it is necessary to quit smoking early.4. It is not unreasonable to be angry and hurt the body. If you are angry for a long time, it will lead to a large increase in the secretion of adrenaline, which will lead to abnormal contraction of blood vessels, stimulate blood vessels and damage, and increase the viscosity of blood, which will also induce the problem of blood vessel blockage.So long-term angry people, should also pay attention to change their temper, to avoid clogged blood vessels.Peace is good for health.5. Other bad habits, such as sitting for a long time and not drinking water, will cause the increase of blood viscosity, resulting in slow blood flow and the occurrence of vascular blockage.In order to ensure the smooth transportation of the body’s nutrition, bad living and eating habits need to be corrected one by one, to ensure the smooth transportation of blood, reduce the damage to blood vessels, so as not to suffer from vascular blockage in the future.References: [1] And Yu Bin.How are blood vessels blocked, Education for the Elderly (Home for the Elderly), 2020[2] Liu Guang.How to detect and Prevent vascular blockage, Health Guide, 2019[3] Qian Qi.Vascular clogging is Not scary preventive maintenance is Key, Adolescent Health, 2017