After watching 05 children chat language, parents directly collapse

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Last year, the teacher in charge mode was restarted, and the students in the class were all born in 2008 and 2009, no problem after 2005.From then on began a 00 end and 70 end of the battle of wits and courage of the difficult course.As the first generation in China to access the Internet, I can say without modesty that I have witnessed the epic development of the Internet in China.But I’m still out of my depth with the natives of the Internet age.A final examination, a student wrote up the standard expression topic after 05 language system.Title: YYDS;Content: King of Glory absolutely no son.When I saw this paper, I almost broke down.One day, secretly took a look at the same born in 08 years of niece QQ chat, niece very generous to the mobile phone to me: “casually look, do not welcome.”Oh, my God, there was hardly a word in an entire chat with her classmates.As a spy movie fanatic, I feel that its difficulty is no less than Morse code, the difficulty of deciphering the content makes me completely doubt life, perhaps this is the legendary “aphasia” after 2005!In today’s 21st century, many children born after 2005, the first thing they see when they open their eyes may be their mobile phone, and the first sound they hear may be their ringtone.For a generation that has grown up sitting in front of a computer, playing video games and surfing the web are just plain easy.So the children early to know how to protect their privacy, they usually with classmates and friends chat with some of the expressions, but a made-up acronyms and symbols for is in the adolescent to protect the privacy of their purpose, in the chat with friends, classmates to “create” out for a while in the process of a cluster of expression and symbol,For a while is some “YYDS”, “XSWL” and so on neither like English nor like pinyin characters, unique chat way and sentence, even if parents saw, also “decipher” the information content.Let’s take a look at one part of the language system after 2005. How much can you understand?Yyds god forever;DBQ = sorry;BHS = not happy;Bhys = Sorry;XSWL = Kill me;GNPS = none of your business;NBCS = No one caresZQSG = True feelings;SSFD = shiver;Eg. There was a storm of blood.Yjjc = A ride to dust;Ssmy = Beauty;WXZZH = my department slag hui;Cqy = Q friends TSG = library;Children are constantly switching between acronyms, abbreviations and English abbreviations without pressure. I believe that many parents may find it difficult to understand the way their children chat after 2005.They chat in a variety of ways, with “weird” symbols and characters that confuse people.In fact, the Internet is often full of these symbols and characters, many children are affected by part of the Internet culture, they think that only in this way is cool, to keep up with the trend, to keep pace with The Times, so as not to be teased by their classmates that they are out.I think, keep up with the pace of children, be a parent to understand the chat language after 05, timely stop loss, guide children out of the “aphasia” is the most important.After all, this kind of unique chatting habit of children is novel, but in the long run, this kind of chatting method is not good for improving children’s cultural literacy and cultural connotation.