4 for 2 deal done!There will be winners and losers, and l.A. ‘s team is missing, and the two are going for the championship against Cacho

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This NBA regular season comes to a crucial time, with the mid-season trade deadline.For the teams, it’s their decision time.There’s been a fair amount of trade lately, as expected, with the Clippers trading Bledsoe, Winslow, Gene Johnson and a second-round pick for Powell and Covington in a 4-for-2 deal.4 for 2 deal done!There are winners and losers, the L.A. ‘s team is missing out, and the two of them are in the championship with Cacho.Winner 1, Clippers.In terms of the assets the Clippers gave away, they didn’t move the foundation of the team, meaning they didn’t break up the kawhi Kawhi and George front line, and they didn’t give away a first-round pick.Change back players, Powell and Covington are very characteristic players.Although the clippers’ luxury tax bill would have increased by $19 million, that would have been small beer for Ballmer, who would have spent a championship.Winner 2: George.Nobody expected the Clippers to be the first team to strike.The Clippers need to complete their acquisition and get good players.As for George, he needed more help.Even if the clippers are unlikely to win a championship this season, there is no doubt that next season, when the clippers have a full roster, the team will have a lot of scoring players and the overall strength of the team will be very strong. There is no doubt that George will win a championship.Winner 3: Powell.Powell played for the Raptors during the 19-20 season.That is in this season, Powell hit the price at the same time, but also with Kawhi Leonard to win the championship.Powell averaged 18.7 points and 3.3 rebounds and shot 40.6 percent from 3-point range during his time with the Blazers this season.There is no doubt that Powell will be seen as an integral part of the clippers, and his value will increase.Loser 1: Pioneer.The clippers wanted to unload Covington and Powell, but no one expected a good price.Of the players who came back, they were a bunch of bad fish, even if they asked for a first round.If it’s just to get out of Powell’s big contract, it’s too soon.Powell stayed in good shape and could have saved it for the offseason, but now he’s done it.Loser 2: Lillard.If the Blazers do it this way, it means a complete rebuild.Lillard has turned into a thirtysomething and hasn’t been in great form this season.The Blazers are unlikely to rebuild around Lillard, especially with young Anfany Smith delivering.That means the Blazers could trade for Lillard this offseason, which would be fine if lillard were traded to a champions-caliber team, but not a champions-caliber team.Bledsoe.Bledsoe, alas, was sold to the Pelicans after the 19-20 season, and the Bucks went on to win the championship the following season.After one season with the Pelicans, he was dumped by the Clippers.Less than a full season with the Clippers, he was dumped to Portland.For the Blazers, Bledsoe is not the one they want to keep, perhaps the next step.The 4-for-2 deal was just that. There were winners and losers, and the Los Angeles Clippers made a big mistake.Luckily for Covington and Powell, they’re going to follow Kawhi and George to the crown.