The Spring Festival does not stop the construction of Hangzhou airport express project busy

2022-08-02 0 By

Worker’s Daily client reporter Wang Xinfang dafeng correspondent Yan Bo Pengxu “This project will be operated before the Asian Games, the construction period is tight, I volunteered to stay.”On the fourth day of the New Year, Lu Heng, project manager of Hangzhou Airport Rail Express, the installation company of China Construction Fifth Bureau, said.Hangzhou Airport rail express project immediately rushed to work.During the Spring Festival, the station celebrates the Spring Festival with lanterns and decorations, and the station is in full swing during the rush period.More than 200 construction workers stick to their posts, each performing its own duties, racing against time to promote the construction, to ensure the delivery and operation of the whole line before the Asian Games.Because the stations of the project are scattered, with an average distance of more than 3 kilometers, it takes nearly an hour for construction workers to walk between the two stations. Lu Heng, the project manager, takes more than 20,000 steps every day.”I’m young. It doesn’t matter if I fight a little.”He said, laughing.It is reported that the current construction has entered the decoration stage.After the completion of the project, the rapid interconnection between Hangzhou West Railway Station, Hangzhou East Railway Station and Xiaoshan Airport will be strengthened, so as to realize the fast travel between the west region of the future science and technology City, the central city and the east region, and relieve the traffic pressure of the main urban area.