Spring Festival pre-sale broke 200 million, a super strong pattern has been set?

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As of 10:40 PM on Jan 26, 2022, the total pre-sale box office of the 2022 Spring Festival has exceeded 200 million yuan, according to Maoyan Professional.As the first time of the year for the film market, the Annual Spring Festival is always a hot spot for soldiers. After the withdrawal of many films and the parachute release of mega blockbusters, a total of eight films will be released this year, combining various themes such as war, history, comedy and animation.The lunar New Year season has not yet officially started, but the race for the box office has already started with pre-sales.In recent years, there has been a trend of “the stronger the stronger” in popular season. Last Spring Festival, two films, “Hello, Li Huanying” and “Detective Chinatown 3″, took about 80% of the box office.According to maoyan’s analysis of the box-office share of the top three films over the Spring Festival period, the box-office champion accounted for an average of 42 percent.”Watergate Bridge”, the sequel to the all-time box office champ “Changjin Lake”, has surged to the top of the list after it was released on Jan 13.In 200 million yuan of advance tickets, “Watergate Bridge” with 88,198,300 yuan box office, accounting for about 44%, its 1.42 million pre-sale audience is also far more than other rivals.The average ticket price of Watergate Bridge is 62.1 yuan, according to Maoyan Professional.Of the eight new films screened during the holiday, watergate Bridge is the longest at 149 minutes.It is worth noting that before watergate Bridge dropped into the Spring Festival, the Big Family, which had previously been regarded as a strong contender at the box office, announced that it would withdraw from the Spring Festival due to the heavy workload and unable to finish production on schedule.The 3D animated film “Chibi Maruko-Chan: Fantasy Notes,” the Winter Olympics film “Fly my Heart,” and animated films “I am T-Rex” and “Jurassic World” have also left theaters.The arrival of Watergate Bridge not only increased the Chinese New Year moviegoing frenzy, but also changed the original landscape, which had previously been strong competition “Miracle”, “Four Sea” and “The Killer not Too Cool” fell into the second camp, pre-sale ticket sales accounted for 16.6%, 14% and 12.2%, respectively.In terms of subject matter, “Wonder · Stupid Kids” is the first film to take “plot” as the only subject matter label to enter the Spring Festival season. In the Spring Festival season, which is mainly based on comedy, it seems to be not dominant, but it ranks second in the pre-sale box office, and continues to lead among female audiences and young audiences.As a regular visitor to the Spring Festival, comedy has always been a big box office hit. This year’s Spring Festival, two comedy films, “Four Corners” and “The Professional” also have certain competitiveness.Among them, “The Four Seas” directed by Han Han, high box office actors Shen Teng and Liu Haoran starring, and Han Han’s past director “The Continent”, “Ride the Wind” and “Pepi” market performance is steady, in addition to comedy, the film also has a “love” theme label.After the cancellation of The Big Family, The Professional became the only comedic film to meet the market demand this Spring Festival.Although the themes of the two films collide, the audiences are different. According to the statistics of the users’ portraits that the Cat Eye Institute wanted to see as of January 20, the Advantages of “The Killer is not Too Calm” are in northeast and North China, while the advantages of “Four Seas” are in east, central, south and southwest China.”Sniper,” directed by Zhang Yimou, is the only live-action film with a length of less than 100 minutes among the eight new Chinese New Year films, but it is also set against the backdrop of “Watergate Bridge,” with less than 10 percent of the pre-sale box office.There are three animated films competing this year, especially boonie bears and Happy Goat.At the box office, however, animated films tend to be a supporting role and struggle to carry the box office, with the three animated films together accounting for about 5% of pre-sales.Over the years, the race for the box office during the Spring Festival has been a battle between financiers and studios.With hundreds of production companies behind this year’s Spring Festival movies, it is a gathering of old and new forces.Judging from the top four pre-sale films, there are several producers behind each one.Watergate Bridge was produced by seven companies including Bona Film, Bayi Film Studio, Huaxia Film, China Film and Alibaba Pictures.There are 8 producers of “Miracle · Stupid Kids”, including Bad Monkey, Dream General, China Film, Alibaba Pictures, Wanda Film and so on.’Four Seas’ was produced by seven studios, including Tingdong Pictures, Alibaba Pictures and Maoyan Micro Films.The Killer is also produced by seven companies, including Xinli Media, Xihong Film & Television, Mahua Fun Film, Maoyan Micro Film and Tencent Pictures.It can be seen that behind these producers, there are not only old film companies like Bona, but also new forces rising in recent years such as Bad Monkey and Mahua Fun. Alibaba, Tencent, Maoyan and other Internet companies are still not absent.Among them, alibaba Pictures and Douyin culture have the highest sense of presence. The two companies seem to cast a wide net.Alibaba Pictures is involved in producing three of the top four pre-sale films;Tiktok is mainly a co-producer, co-producing not only three of the four head films, but also two animated films, Heroes of little Tigers and Boonie Bears After Earth.This year, Tencent, Maoyan and IQiyi have all entered the competition, but the frequent presence of Douyin culture has attracted much attention in the industry.”As the largest short video platform in China, Douyin is the target of cooperation with many film companies. At present, the way of promoting major films through Douyin before they are released has almost become the standard in the industry. Therefore, Douyin’s entry into the film industry is very suitable and will achieve good results, especially it does not require much investment.Because its flow, resources, channels can be invested as resources to participate in joint production.”Internet industry observer Ding Daoshi in an interview with the International Financial Times reporter said.”The convergence of old and new is not just happening this year, but over the past few years.With alibaba, tencent, iQIYI, cat’s eye, represented by the Internet giant, has penetrated into the film and television industry as early as a few years ago, they also have their own film company and related channel, the future will continue to form a larger trend, especially in the current film industry dispersing pertains, marketing has completely inseparable from the Internet industry (case),It will only get closer to the Internet industry in the future.”However, the reporter noticed, from the above several Spring Festival film behind the production company ranking order, the Internet company is only as a way to support and cooperation, the main producer or film company.For example, “Watergate Bridge” is still produced by Bona Film, Bayi Film Studio, Huaxia Film and other established film companies, it is worth mentioning that bona Film in recent years launched the main theme films “Changjin Lake”, “Operation Red Sea”, “The Captain” and “China Doctor” have achieved good results;In addition, Bad Monkey Pictures, the producer of “Wonder stupid Kids,” and Director Wen Muye’s own company, Dream General Pictures, are emerging forces in recent years.”Four Seas” was produced by Tingdong Pictures, a film company owned by Han Han.”The Killer is not too calm” behind the new Li media is the main investment, and the film’s two executive producers Yan Fei and Peng Damo’s Xihong Film For the second production party, happy Mahua for the third production party.What is noteworthy is that when the old and new forces gather behind the film this year, there is no veteran film and television company Huayi Brothers and Beijing culture, which has repeatedly invested in the film and explosion.As for the reasons for huayi Brothers and Beijing Culture’s absence from Spring Festival films, Ding said: “First, these two companies have been negatively involved in the past two years, or their overall strength and influence have been weakened.Second, the movie not only during the Spring Festival, every season, the layout of the difficulty is very big, choose to oneself more beneficial than (season), these companies may be in 5 a, summer, or New Year file layout, which is based on their own strategy for enterprises, especially the powerful company can layout a few more sessions, the weaker or strength than ever of the company,You can reduce the layout and put the good stuff on the edge.”Reporter: CAI Shumin Intern Reporter: Yu Miao Editor: Ma Jack Responsible Editor: Bi Dandan Cover photo: “Water Gate Bridge of Changjin Lake” file photo