Printer without ink cartridges, special for students, Chinese printing printer U100

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Today’s students, in addition to daily learning tools, printers are also very important.Maybe because of the reduction of the burden, the school has reduced a lot of written homework, although the burden of children has been reduced, the social competition is still there, the college entrance examination has not changed.Therefore, there may be less written homework, the teacher will still have flexible homework, this need to print, there are many wrong questions, exercises are often need to print by themselves.But traditional printers, whether laser printers or inkjet printers, need to add ink cartridges, and are relatively large, if placed on a desk, may take up a lot of space.But if there is only a volume of A4 paper, and no ink cartridges, but also has a large number of primary and secondary school questions, composition materials, scanning error questions, wouldn’t it be very exciting!This is the Chinese printing operation printer U100 graffiti coloring edition.Here’s a look at the printer in action.Product details received by express is just the Spring Festival, so he took it back to his hometown.In front of the children playing crazy, almost did not settle down to do homework.Almost relatives also finished visiting, ready to print some learning materials for children, thought of this Chinese printing printer U100.This time I got the product with two extra rolls of printing paper.The package of express delivery is quite strong. In addition to the outer box, there is also a color box package inside, which can see the product model information. The printer inside is also filled with foam protection, so there is no need to worry about damage in the process of express delivery.Take out the product, you can see a Chinese printing printer U100 graffiti painting version, accessories including product instructions, several ballpoint pens, USB interface cable and power adapter, and the machine has a roll of printing paper built-in.There is even a ballpoint pen, hanyin is very intimate.Printer accessories are not complicated, but they can meet the needs of a wired computer connection, but also optional mobile phone wireless connection.First, take a look at the front of the Chinese printing printer U100. From the top down, it is a painted pattern, which is unique to this graffiti painted version.At present, the printer on the market is either black or white, the color is monotonous, although it does not affect the use, but after the design of the painted pattern, it is more dynamic and energetic, and children are more fond of it.The size of the whole machine is not large, almost the size of a piece of A4 paper, the external size is only 314mm*159.5mm*92mm, almost half of the smallest traditional printer, very space saving.And the appearance is flat two cuboids overlapping design, square, in the machine can also be put on the top of some decoration, completely will not affect the use of printing.The left front end of the machine is the power button and the power button, networking indicator light.The working principle of Chinese printing printer U100 is very different from that of ordinary printer. There is no tray design for paper inlet and outlet, but web paper, which is automatically cut after printing. The size is ordinary A4 paper.There is a special APP QR code for printer on the right side, which can be downloaded directly by scanning the code.The lower part of the rear side is a network port and power port.There is a symmetrical design on both sides of the printer, with a toggle switch on the left and right. At the same time, you can dial forward to open the printer and see the printing paper inside.Underneath is the heat sink.At the bottom, there are four rubber pads, which are skid resistant and shock absorbers, and at the bottom, there are product serial numbers and other information.There’s also a battery compartment at the bottom, but it’s empty, presumably in preparation for future upgrades.The desk in my hometown is very small, and it almost takes up most of the desk to put a few books in daily life, while if the ordinary printer is put there, it is estimated to take up more than half, but the Chinese printing printer U100 is only a part of the inside, which does not affect writing and reading at all.A lot of people will think, why is this printer so different from traditional printers?In fact, this is a thermal printer, printing resolution up to 300DPI, and ordinary printer clarity is not much different.But the structure is much smaller, the printer speed is very fast, up to 100MM/S, almost a piece of A4 paper printing only 3 seconds.In fact, for thermal printing paper, a lot of people will say that the cost is high, but the reality is not so.In addition to ink cartridges, traditional printers also need paper.The Chinese printing printer U100 only needs special cylinder printing paper, take THE U104B printing paper for example, the daily market price is 44 yuan, about 200 pages can be printed, the cost of a page is only 0.2 yuan.If you go outside to a copy shop, it’s about 50 cents.Network and printing paper installation for the first time use long press boot, network, can be turned on by the indicator next to the key to understand the running status, the left indicator light in standby state white steady, printing white light flash slowly, firmware upgrade red, green and blue lights flash alternately;The indicator on the right side is steady white in wifi connection and blinks when wifi data is received. The indicator is steady green in USB connection and blinks when USB data is received. The indicator is off when there is no operation prompt.It is very convenient to install the printer. Open the cover of the printer, pull out part of the printer, you can see the mark “This side up” on the head, and then close it and you can use it normally.APP Experience As an intelligent printer, Hanyin also has its own printing APP, which can realize richer learning functions after connecting to the Internet through APP pairing.The hanyin APP is called “Hanxiaoyin”.Then let’s take a look at the small print which functions.The interface design of Han Xiaoyin APP is simple and clear. Compared with traditional printers, it is more practical and more suitable for primary and secondary school students. Moreover, it is positioned as a homework printer.On the home page, you can see the support for document printing and picture printing. There are also 7 projects below, which are recent printing, web page printing, quoting by analogy, wrong topic management, composition materials, poems and songs and wechat printing.Printing items are more abundant than traditional printers, and can be wrong topic management, no longer need to copy the whole topic, as well as composition materials, ancient poems and so on.Key wechat documents can be directly printed, which is very convenient.Now many teachers will send homework directly to wechat, you can directly select the file to print.Let’s take a look at the detailed experience of the functions of the home page. Click on the printer and you can see the functions and configuration information of the printer, as well as the status.Document printing is to directly open the file management in the mobile phone, you can see the recently received Word and Excel documents, if you need to print, you can directly choose.It also supports image printing.For the management of wrong questions, we can shoot wrong questions by mobile phone or record the wrong questions directly into the APP, which is convenient for follow-up inquiry and repeated practice.Practical experience that we can start the actual experience, the first son to print a set of mathematical papers, is directly on the APP to find, to find and then click the download print, confirmation, wait for about two seconds, began to print directly, the speed is very fast, and after the completion of the printing, will automatically cutting paper, just a piece of A4 paper size.Printing photo comics, the speed is the same as printing documents, very fast, for black and white pictures, printing is very friendly, can have a good restore, but if it is to print color photos, the picture effect may not be so good.Take a look at the printing of mathematics and language printing effect, clarity or can not lose inkjet and laser printer.Of course, different fonts, the rendering effect is still different, in fact, I always worry that the black characters will be black, but after printing, even the complex strokes of the font can be clearly seen.For thermal printing paper, in fact, many people’s first impression is easy to fade, because supermarket receipts are used in this type of printer.However, the printing paper used by Han Printing is specially treated, not easy to fade, even if the hand to rub, will not be contaminated.According to official sources, the paper can last for 10 years, so you don’t have to worry about seeing the words on the back.In addition, thermal printing paper is said to contain bisphenol A, what is that phenol A?Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, is an organic compound with the molecular formula C15H16O₂. Bisphenol A is used in industry to make materials such as polycarbonate (PC) and epoxy resins.Bisphenol A is indeed widely recognized for its health risks, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, birth defects, male infertility, precocious puberty in girls, diabetes and obesity.But the problem is that The Thermal paper of Chinese printing does not contain BISphenol A, so these concerns can be removed, and can be used at ease.Of course, printing paper without BPA will cost slightly more.Conclusion: school starts right away, the original is still in print job worries for the child, and a lot of problem sets will go online to find, difficult to find the right, and after a printer U100 HanYin homework, completely don’t have to worry about, now children to finish the homework, is printed on the APP, or WeChat print directly, very convenient.It also saves a lot of work for parents.Recommended index, five stars!