Female university student sneaks into former boyfriend home villa many times take take take!And drove off with the Porsche

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Villa inside, cash inexplicable disappeared, the precious jewelry in the safe also disappeared, but in the home doors and Windows intact, without pry traces of theft.There was no one in or out of the house, so who stole the things?Qu Jing’s theft turned out to be a surprise.House owner jing is aware in the home is stolen many years before Madam Li (alias) come to Qujing with her husband from Sichuan, 2 people struggle hard, took root here slowly, the life is better and better also.Ms. Li has three sons at home. Now her two eldest sons are away to study. On weekdays, there are only three at home: Ms. Li, her husband and her youngest son, who is in middle school.On the morning of Dec 11, 2021, Ms Li was getting ready to wash when she suddenly noticed that a paper bag hanging on her towel rack was missing.The paper bag used to contain some skin care products, a sports arm bag and 5,000 yuan in cash.Ms. Li mentioned the incident to her husband as she tried to remember.The husband thought that the wife lost the money carelessly, but also reminded his wife to remember to put the safe after valuable property.That afternoon, Ms. Li is home cleaning up the housework more think more wrong, and so she opened the safe of her bedroom, only to find that the diamond ring, necklace, bracelet and other jewelry in the cabinet also disappeared, the total value of 70 thousand yuan, at this time Ms. Li realized that the home was stolen, hurried to the police.The police looked at the district surveillance, video shows that a woman in white had entered Ms. Li’s home at about 7 p.m., stayed in the house for about an hour before leaving.When she left, she carried several paper bags, which Ms. Li identified as belonging to her own home.But the investigation has been slow because the suspect’s description could not be clearly identified through the video.In early February 2022, Ms. Li reported to the police again, saying that when she returned from her home in Sichuan province with her family for the Spring Festival, she found the Porsche car parked in the garage had been driven, some of her clothes were missing, and some daily necessities were stolen from her home.Who on earth was the thief?Why did he commit theft again and again?Why is it so easy to drive a Porsche but not steal it?With the in-depth investigation of the case, the identity of the suspect is gradually clear, the truth is slowly revealed.In early 2018, Li’s eldest son introduced his girlfriend, Xiao Huang (pseudonym), to his family.With in-depth understanding, Ms. Li knows that Huang’s parents and brother are working outside, and Huang lives alone and no one takes care of him. She tells Huang that she can move to live with her if she wants.In this way, Huang lived with Ms. Li’s family for a period of time.Later, Huang broke up with Li’s eldest son, but kept in touch with Li due to their good relationship, occasionally coming to Li’s home for dinner.In early September 2021, huang, who was about to graduate from college, was told by the school that he had to pay a fee for the qualification certificate.With the understanding of Ms. Li’s home, Huang deliberately chose a time when there was no one at home. He went into the villa to search Ms. Li’s bedroom with the keys forgotten by Ms. Li’s eldest son, only to find the keys of the safe and the keys of the Porsche.Huang excitedly opened the safe, selected some convenient jewelry, and left in a hurry.The first time the crime is successful, huang sold a part of the jewelry, pay the exam fee after the extra stay to do the living expenses.At the same time, in order to satisfy vanity, she also specially selected a few favorite jewelry to wear.The cost of living is used up very quickly, the small yellow that desire drives moved greed again.This time, she broke into Li’s house in the same way and stole 5,000 yuan in cash that Li had left at home.During the Spring Festival in February 2022, Huang suddenly remembered that Ms. Li’s family should return to their hometown in Sichuan province according to the tradition.So she citing cold need clothing, swagger for the third time in the villa, Ms. Li clothes, mask, such as groceries away, think of ms li a due to return home for the holiday, in the short term will not go home, she found the key to Ms. Li’s porsche, will she stay at home in the car to go out for a week is returned.It was not until the police found Huang that she regretted what she had done.In the interrogation huang said many times because Ms. Li is very take care of themselves, always feel that no matter what to do, Ms. Li will tolerate forgive, just indulge their greed and evil thoughts.At present, huang has been criminal detention, the case is being further handled.Source: Chuncheng Evening News, Peninsula Morning Post disclaimer: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of conveying more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.