Chinese women’s volleyball team so far the highest level of appearance is Zhao Ruirui or Hui Ruoqi

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Is Zhao Ruirui the highest level of appearance in Chinese women’s volleyball team so far?Level it’s views in appearance, turnip greens, there is no generally accepted that the 123 someone say definitely Li Yingying, 18 years old sister is a beautiful girl forever, millions of fans who want to marry the dream home some will say a pistol moon wei, wei moon was the captain of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, in 2004 was included in the national team plans to focus on talent cultivation,She led the Chinese women’s Volleyball team to an Olympic gold medal in 2016.He is also the captain of tianjin Women’s Volleyball Team.Some people say that Zhou Xiaolan, Li Yueming, Xue Ming, Sun Yue, the first four said Xue Ming, can’t be a joke, the top ten did not have her ah……In the hands of the main country, Zhou Suhong deserved the first Li Yueming, Li Yueming, Li Yueming forever goddess at present the most beautiful but still a small flower is also a minor attack child!Really like jin Yong’s xiao Zhao!Others said: the appearance of the national team so far the highest level should be Zhou Xiaolan.Xiao-lan zhou also with box with kristin went to “public movie” cover, don’t lose the heartthrob big beauty kristin but sorghum is personally think HuiReQi, what time is the main reasons: first, HuiReQi looks really high, whether I was a child, or grew up, or gave birth to a child, her appearance level in various gods can be find in the league.Secondly, HuiReQi flow rate is high, can say she is a built-in flow, HuiReQi why bring traffic, from her childhood, the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 because of losing sad for a long time, then, in 2011 the game dislocated, persist in competition, in 2015, because of heart disease was forced to do surgery,In 2016, as the captain of The Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team, she led the team to win the championship and the Olympic gold medal.Finally, after hui Ruoqi retires, she is still the password for the traffic of Chinese women’s volleyball, such as participating in the entertainment circle, participating in various public welfare, and her own foundation. You can see her business empire everywhere.