A Vietnamese cousin lives in a primeval forest and escapes the city to make her own, only to be taught how to behave by a wild deer

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Do you think the wilderness survival simple, in fact, than you might think, but also much more difficult, in some of the original forest danger is everywhere, can you get water, will be alarmed collapsing to the ground, the snake insect rats may also when you are hungry, will see the deer wild boar meat sources, such as when you are under the temptation of food, choose to chase, but need to face the possibility of lost in the wilderness,At that time you might find habitat, embarrassed, can only use some resources, to sustain their own fragile life, in the night in the night, though Even had a tough night, also need to find the way home, but the wilderness may be moist, teach you a lesson again, and said the above, this is the cousin of Vietnam one day,She’ll tell you how hard it is to survive in the wild.The Vietnamese girl, let’s call her flower, in fact She prefer others to call her wild beauty, flower is a city female white-collar, until just a small company in ho chi minh city inside when the employee, a few years down the deposit is not much, life is also very bad, outbreak directly under the impact of unemployment, a coincidence Finally decided to the jungles,On the one hand, he is a wild camping enthusiasts, on the other hand, it is also an income, just come to wilderness survival, flower flower with adequate knowledge reserve, in fact, life is good, she knows how to distinguish the wild plants, what can eat what cannot eat, these wild taro is harvest these days, she is not just give yourself a, also brought her the monkey and a dog,Wilderness survival of the biggest difficulty, is actually a kind of invisible scratching their feelings of loneliness, the wild challenges a lot, to live in the wild wild alone, not to accompany it is difficult to stick, so stray flower brought its monkey and the dog, together in this field survival, life also lives, life must not be smooth, however, things began to change.Because of lack of water in cup, flower flower decided to a nearby river water, the water in the heat and humidity of Vietnamese jungle actually not lack, and because of little contact with modern industry, most are clear and clean, but at the time of receiving water, accident or happened, just looked up Flower flower was found near the branches, be frightened by a snake on the ground, is difficult to determine have toxicity,Fortunately, the snake is dead, does not pose a threat to her life, but still let the girl there is in shock, the snake perfect white, thin, though But the length is one of the high, meet the accident, flower flower also don’t want to stay, hurriedly picked up the glass, just want to go home earlier, but on the way back, unexpectedly.Vietnam was lush jungle, it is difficult to judge the direction of the north and south, east and west, back on the way Flower flower originally wanted to pick some wild fruit, to act as today’s food, but a hurried fleeing deer, caught her eye, directly from the camera lens, you can see there is a deer passed, wild fruit must be deer delicious, so I want to also did not think much,The Vietnamese girl will chase up, but the speed of the deer really fast, and is the home court advantage, flower flower run to hundreds of meters distance, finally did not catch up with the head of deer, not only is not catch up with, but in a strange environment, just chasing too hard, and no field tags, so obviously She got lost,The Vietnamese cousin was a little confused by the scene, and with a last glimmer of fantasy, she started calling for her dog and monkey, hoping that she hadn’t gone too far and the dog would come.But no matter how she call, for a whole afternoon, the dog did not appear, she needs to accept the fact that she lost her pet, the life also is threatened, on balance, Vietnam cousin also don’t want to blind walk around again, it was already dark, rich experience in the survival as a girl, she know how high is the dangers of the jungle at night,So she need to find a shelter for oneself, to get through this difficult night, also does not have the idea of hunting or gathering fruit, in a strange environment, such a move is dangerous, but for the moment can not eat food, water is certainly can’t afford not to drink, after a day of, didn’t get to the Vietnamese girl didn’t eat, physical fitness has been depleted, and thirsty,Let her feel the body is not comfortable, so fresh water, is her priority now, but the lack of container, she cannot burn boil, accordingly At last she chose a cowen, palm trees, this is the most common Vietnamese jungle plants, cut off in the middle, and the break in the palm of core, after a period of idle, tree heart position will be a little savings, tree SAP,This is a clean water source, a basic survival knowledge handed down by Bei Ye, and there are no harmful substances. Hua Hua inserted hollow bamboo into the palm tree, and finally solved the problem of thirst.And flower need to consider next, is today’s habitat, with carry lighters lit up the dead leaves, with ferns as wind screens, the thought of what had happened to her, to survive in the wild WeiQuGan, loneliness and today about pets don’t know how, the age of only 20 years old cousin, Vietnam directly to cry is really some let a person love dearly.Good night, the morning after, the Vietnamese girl live in to find the way home, but in the Vietnam jungle It is not simple, Vietnam jungle lush plants, can let a person lost sense of direction directly, also don’t want to rely on the sun, the mist Don’t say the sun, the sky can’t see, so want to escape from here, flower flower decided to climb the limb,To take advantage of the high position, to search for their habitat reference substance, she chose a giant trees, trees are high For more than 10 meters height, but the climb is Vietnam rural children will skills, not three two times, the Vietnamese girl, climbed up the tree, the mountain of white fog is very thick, but not to the point of opaque,Remember deeply that they chose the location of the river valley, so Huahua clearly judged the direction, found the direction of the rest is to go on foot, at the thought of the possibility of home, her pace is a lot of fast.Although only find direction, but the Vietnamese jungle road wet wet, because of the rain, adding to the muddy wet, one not careful, the Vietnamese girl slipped on the road, fall off and are dirt, mud before one day, she did not think of, only to chasing a deer, will himself approaching a mess like that,But is not without any news, heard huahua constantly call, her dog dog hears, who comes to make the Vietnam was touched by the girl, now she finally found the home of the wilderness, in recent years the work pressure of modern society, sprouting actually let a lot of people, to the idea of wilderness survival, but from the flower, deeply to tell you, this is never a simple thing,For your own safety, it is best to abandon these thoughts.