Yan ‘an: Optimize industrial structure to promote high-quality development of energy industry

2022-08-01 0 By

Since last year, keeping in mind the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech in Yulin, The city has continued to optimize the energy industry structure, adhere to the path of high-end, diversified and low-carbon energy industry, and promote high-quality and sustainable development of the energy industry.Yanchang Petroleum Yan ‘an Energy chemical Co., Ltd. will produce 992,700 tons of chemical products in 2021, with a 25% year-on-year increase in operating revenue and 116% profit of the annual target, creating a new record and injecting new vitality into the high-quality development of our city.When you walk into Yanchang Petroleum Yan ‘an Energy Chemical Company, bags of polyolefin products are packed, tested, packaged and put in warehouses, and will be sent to all parts of the country by railway.Yanchang Petroleum Yanan Energy chemical Company mainly produces polyethylene, polypropylene, butanol, 2-propyl heptanol, ethylene propylene rubber and other high value-added chemical products, butanol, 2-propyl heptanol, and ethylene propylene rubber to fill the blank of similar products in Shaanxi Province.Yanchang Petroleum Yan ‘an Energy chemical company ethylene propylene rubber butanol center manager Liu Zhijun: the company this year to seize the market opportunity, the use of limited resources to produce 222,000 tons of alcohol products with strong profitability, profit contribution rate of more than 75%, for the realization of the annual profit target laid the foundation.In December 2021, in the face of the complex and severe epidemic situation, Yan ‘an Energy Chemical Company also switched to the production of K4912, a special material for medical syringes, with a total production of more than 55,000 tons of medical grade fiber material and plastic injection, accounting for more than 20% for the first time, demonstrating the responsibility of state-owned enterprises in epidemic prevention and control with practical actions.Yanchang Petroleum Yan ‘an Energy Chemical Company olefin polymerization center assistant director Han Jie: polypropylene unit is stable production with a load of 40 tons per hour, we will do our best to ensure a stable supply of the market.It is understood that in 2021, Yanchang Petroleum Yan ‘an Energy chemical Company will produce 610,300 tons of polyolefin, 146,900 tons of butanol, 60,300 tons of 2-PHand 10,000 tons of ethylene propylene rubber, with annual output exceeding 7 billion yuan, up 25% year on year.The profit reached 407 million yuan, 116% of the target value.Since last year, the project has successfully produced 8,421 tons of chemical products with advanced technology in the world, including 1,4 butandiol and polytetrahydrofuran, according to the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutralization”, exploring a new path of green, low-carbon and efficient resource utilization.Extension of the oil field gas chemical technology company deputy general manager Wang liang: on the one hand is to adhere to the green, low carbon development direction, goals and tasks of standard “double carbon”, strive for an early reaches producing standard DaXiao, 2 it is to further explore the low carbon development, efforts to promote the green development of the enterprise competitive power, to extend the transformation and upgrading of oil, and contribute to the high quality of yanan economic development.In 2021, zhuhai’s GDP will reach 200.458 billion yuan, breaking the 200 billion yuan mark for the first time.The added value of primary industry was 20.915 billion yuan, up 7.1%;The added value of the secondary industry was 122.977 billion yuan, up 8.2%;The tertiary industry added 56.565 billion yuan, up 8.2%.In the next step, Yan ‘an will continue to closely follow the theme of high-quality development, constantly optimize the industrial structure, explore the path and effect of energy industry transformation and upgrading, green development and low-carbon development, and promote high-quality and sustainable development of Yan ‘an’s economy and society with high-quality project construction.Yan ‘an Rong Media Center reporter Huang Jianbin