Tongcheng, Anhui province has just announced

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On February 4, 2022, Tongcheng CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention received the Letter of Assistance from Beijing CDC:A returnee (female) from Tongcheng has been confirmed as a close contact in the initial screening of novel coronavirus with a positive COVID-19 patient. The nucleic acid test results on 25 January, 27 January, 3 February and 4 February were all negative. At present, the close contact and the sub-close contacts that have been detected have been quarantined in a centralized manner.For strictly tongcheng city disease prevention and control work, according to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, according to the results of the epidemiological investigation in the following time and place, please contact with the close contacts may have or crossing track personnel, for the first time dependency to the villages and towns (street) and village (community), work unit or the tongcheng city epidemic prevention and control is reported to the emergency headquarters of personal information,And actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing (two tests in three days), and implement control measures in accordance with relevant requirements.If concealing relevant contact results in the spread of the epidemic and other adverse consequences, relevant personnel will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the law.People in and out of Shandong Fried Goods Shop in Fangang Town (opposite to Agricultural Bank on Fanxu Road) 13:45-14:15 People in and out of business Office on the first floor of Telecom in Wushi Road 15:50-16:15 People in line to buy milk tea in Guming Milk tea shop in City Government Square 16:07-16:55Take no. 8 bus (City government Square to Fangang Town government) on January 30 11:55-12:18 people in and out of the hall of Nanmen Comprehensive passenger transport Hub station 12:18-13:50 take No. 209 bus (Nanmen comprehensive passenger transport hub station to Tangwan Terminal Station) people please pay close attention to the official authorities in time,Do not fabricate, spread or believe rumors.Maintain good personal hygiene, wear masks, wash hands frequently, keep ventilation, minimize gatherings, and take the initiative to take coronavirus vaccines.At the same time, do your own health monitoring. If you have symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, loss of smell and taste, please wear a medical mask to the nearest fever clinic and avoid taking public transportation on the way.Tongcheng COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters Tel: 0556-6139631 Anhui Traffic Radio