There are many water curtain caves in the country, lianyungang is the most authentic, I can remember a poem

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Huaguo Mountain, Water Curtain Cave, Lianyungang — Five Quatrains Poet: Ice Boxing has 500 years of strength, and the great saint has a long reputation.Even to the water curtain cave, rich fruit and fruit.I haven’t been to Lianyungang yet, but its reputation is well known.But the water curtain cave tourism area has a lot of a lot of, each place has its own context.The flower and Fruit Mountain poem is a doggerel, no matter how good it is, I think it is enough to express my thoughts and feelings.You see this flower and fruit mountain gate is not very spectacular, the only next time is not enough spirit of monkey Sun, not Monkey King spirit.Snow scenery flower and fruit mountain poem meaning: the first sentence: strength 500 years, Sun Wukong is capable, in the palm of Buddha “five elements mountain” 500 years of vicissitudes of baptism.Second sentence: the great sage is famous.Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, has become a household name for his ability and wisdom to learn buddhist scriptures.Third sentence: Lianyungang is the most authentic water curtain cave.Because I have sun Wukong’s good name in them.Fourth sentence: rich flowers and fruits.The flowers and fruits mountain here, rich vegetation, flowers and fruits of endless, inexhaustible.This is the lianyungang Water Curtain Cave in my heart.Waterfall cave