The process of sun Qiang’s marriage to Deng Chanyu, only after reading the original work, this is PUA master

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Shen Gongbao and Jiang Ziya because of misunderstanding after enmity, Shen Gongbao will try every means to harm Jiang Ziya, leave to leave a “I want you xiqi river of blood, baigu mountain” ring through the air.Although two people are the same as The beginning of chan jiao Tianzun under the door, but a help cut teach to help shang Zhou, one is chan Jiao to help King Wu Xing Zhou, will be contradictory.Come to think of, the beginning of the Yuan God to Jiang Ziya canonization list, let him go to Qishan to build canonization, complete the mission of his life, canonization list 365 are god contains loyal ministers filial son and through the immortal, in fact, “fate” is already doomed.Shen Gongbao why to help completely to harm chan teach?In the yuan shi tianzun for the first time to intimidate Shen Gongbao, his mind seems to expose the idea between them a tacit understanding “emissary”, that is, Shen Gongbao is sent to the gods list as soon as possible to receive full cut teaching middleman.Why do you say so?At that time, the Lord of Heaven threatened Shen Gongbao by saying, “If you cross Jiang Ziya again, I will force you between the kylin cliffs and release you after Jiang Ziya is finished.”But in fact, the Buddha thought that the seal of god still have to rely on ShenGongBao to collect these as soon as soon as possible, so frighten him, let him acknowledge it ShenGongBao, free after ShenGongBao pain, until to the most fiercely “Wan Xian array” in the soul of his “achievements” more to seal a fetish, granting titles to gods on the 365 home is god,This took Shen Gongbao to plug the North Sea eye, but he also as the last was sealed god, sealed a “water general” to control the east China Sea this piece of heaven and earth circulation, four seasons replacement.To tell the story of Tu Xingsun, we must first tell the prelude of Shen Gongbao, so that we can know the whole story, so that we can understand how Tu Xingsun went to earth and know Deng Chan Yu.That day, Shen Gongbao was riding the tiger to jielong Mountain flying cloud cave, in the air looked to the edge of the cliff has a height of four zhangs of children playing, he asked under the tiger, who are you?It was not a child, but a dwarf.And the man answered, His name is Tuxingsun, and he is a disciple of Jurusun, and he hath studied and taught the art of the church for a hundred years.Also said he would line thousands of miles of art, master has trapped fairy rope.Shen Gongbao heart gave birth to a plan, shook his head and said, you so, not to repair fairy, rather to repair personal wealth.I recommend you to get a job in the camp of Sanshan pass and Dengjiu Pass, which will be a big deal in the future.Earth line sun a listen to, grateful to Shen Gongbao, stole the stranded fairy rope came to Deng Jiugong camp.Tu Xingsun took out the letter of recommendation shen Gongbao had written to him. Deng Jiugong saw that he was not good and could do anything, but it was hard to refuse, so he gave him the position of “commissary commander of the Five armies” at will.In the war between Deng Jiugong and Jiang Ziya, Deng Jiugong was wounded on his left shoulder by Nezha’s world circle, his skin was broken and his bones were broken. Seeing her father’s pain like this, her daughter Deng Chanyu felt sad and angry, so she wanted to revenge for her father.When Deng Chanyu came to The front of Jiang Ziya’s camp to beg for battle, Ne Zha volunteered to fight first. Jiang Ziya told him: “There are three abominable rules against using troops: Taoism, Tuo tuo and women.These three – class people must have magic on the left side of the road “, must be more careful.Nezha went out to camp. Seeing this beautiful and graceful Woman, with red peachy face and delicate fingers, Nezha was so shy and timid that he threatened that you, a woman with five body problems, did not obey family education, showed up in public, did not know shame and did not go back to camp.Deng Chanyu a listen to this gas but, a knife, a flasher, a war, all of a sudden Deng Chan jade horse ran, which zha thought she just ran away, and immediately after, which know this Deng Chanyu thrown in the palms of five stone light, one will play in which zha hung up the colour on the face, which zha unprepared, with a swollen, an infamous routed back to the office.Jiang Ziya asked ne Zha why, and Huang Tianhua said to Ne Zha, “In order to lead the way, you should keep your eyes on all directions and listen to all directions. Don’t you know how to fight even with a stone and be wounded by her? I’m afraid Saturn will break your phase if it’s interrupted.This beat defeat, come back to be laughed at again by Huang Tianhua, gas get Ne Zha can only sulk.In the second round, When Huang Tianhua came out to fight, Deng Chanyu did the same thing again. Taking advantage of his surprise, she hit Huang Tianhua in the face with a five-light stone, hurting him even more severely than Nezha. She had to hide her face and run back.Nezha saw this and said, “You are going to look around and listen to everything. You even lost a female general to her. Even if she broke the root of the mountain, you will still be sorry for a hundred years.”Then the two of them began to fight.In the third round, Dragon and Tiger fought, but when Dragon and Tiger were also defeated and almost killed by Deng Chanyu, Yang Jian came to help, and Deng Chanyu hit Yang Jian’s face with a stone. Yang Jian sacrificed a dog to the sky, biting Deng Chanyu’s neck and tore off a piece of meat to eat.Chan could only flee back to the barracks.Deng Jiugong saw his daughter also negative body, distressed unceasingly but again helpless.At this time, soil line sun came to see, take out the gourd in the golden Dan with hydration, to Deng Jiugong and Deng Chan coated, immediately pain.When Deng Jiugong saw that this man had such a way, he changed the title to “Zhengyin first” and went to attack Jiang Ziya. He also promised that if he broke the west qi, he would be accepted as a tauku.Soil line sun use their short advantage, cannot let the other side, for he was a squat, flexible, and can line, rope, and trapped, first class first win which zha, the first world war ii had Huang Tianhua again, the third war, won the son tooth directly, thanks to people firing a tooth to steal into the house, but the fairy rope how also solution doesn’t open, straight tooth stranded were raw.White crane boy came to save the trapped fairy rope on jiang Zi tooth, Yang Jian said this is all leave sun’s baby, will be soil line sun stolen, want to go to the cave of flying clouds.Earth line sun also there with Deng Jiugong secret tonight to use the operation secretly into the zhou Ying assassination, as long as the first king wu and Jiang Shang’s head, it is done.Jiang Ziya saw outside blowing a gust of evil wind, a fortune-telling like will know inside, busy layout all matters properly, only to wengzhongzhuobie.Soil line when he first tried to kill the son tooth attack failed to find the opportunity, turned the head of the first to get featuring, featuring and princess all have a deep sleep, just use a knife and cut off the head of featuring first, think of another grabs princess, soil line with sun life threatening, the princess had to obey, soil line take off, sun princess was bare a embrace, embrace more and more tightly, looking intently at Yang Jian is known,Soil line sun was Yang Jian so naked carried to see jiang Ziya, dare not let him land, a land he slipped away.Jiang Ziya ordered the cut soil line sun, Yang Jian will mention him out, is changing his hand cut him, accidentally was he slipped into the ground disappeared.Yang Jian had to go to the cloud hole to find all leave sun to drop him this act.In the soil line sun and Jiang Ziya to the war, all leave sun came, with the trapped fairy rope trapped soil line sun, and then with a stick limbs so carried to phase house.Soil line sun had to truthfully in front of the master, who instigated to steal the trapped fairy rope and secretly down the mountain, and how against jiang Ziya, and how to steal the elixine, Deng Jiugong is how to use the name of the taunt to force him to murder, then had to admit his mistake and beg for mercy.Jiang ziya hated Tu Xingsun so much that he just wanted to behead him, but when he counted, he said that the animal had a life-long marriage with Deng Chanyu, which was predestined in their previous lives. If such a beautiful thing happened, Deng Chanyu would become zhou Ying’s person, and then the father-in-law Deng Jiugong could not come to surrender Zhou Ying with his daughter.Jiang Ziya life on the doctor loose appropriate to be born to deng Jiugong, said that your son-in-law has been captured by our army, Deng Jiugong listen to not recognize, said the daughter never betrowed to anyone, soil line sun is who, how to match into my son-in-law.Spread proper living started to do ideological work, make Deng Jiugong don’t have a family, the soil line where the sun is unknown and small generation, he is all I leave sun day been bewitched by ShenGongBao just went down the mountain, but you’re not already made to give the soil line female Samson, when he was tackled to accomplish and Deng Chan jade is more to this relationship, otherwise die unsatisfied, or to hand over, put the human good.Deng Jiugong did not want to admit the day of the bold words said that the soil sun for its survival to say such insult to my daughter, must not be credulous, he is wishful thinking.Spread appropriate to see Deng Jiugong heart deny, he asked whether he said that day if the west qi will be his son-in-law thing?Deng Jiugong only replied that he was talking nonsense after drinking.Loose appropriate living said, such children a lifetime event, and how can children talk, big husband a word now, can not be chased, general a word, the world is believed, how can the daughter marriage as the world joke.At this, Deng Jiu Gong said nothing but Tai Luan’s suggestion that they should go back to the camp and pretend that Deng Chan had agreed to the marriage, and then ask Jiang Zi ya himself to propose the marriage, so that they could arrest him in the camp.The plan often fails to catch up with the change, the design is beautiful, but it underestimated the strength of Jiang Ziya side, too obsessed with their own ability, this is what we often say, do not take yourself too seriously, do not take others seriously.Yang Jian early step has explored the counsel of Deng Jiugong, will all people are arranged, each with regard to its place, until tomorrow jiang Zi tooth all leave sun with soil to go to the sun.When there was movement from Deng Jiugong’s side, Jiang Ziya had already besieged and entered the camp. The camp was in chaos, and deng Jiugong’s people fled everywhere. Tu Xingsun ran to the back and took Her to Xiqi city with ropes.Deng Jiugong fled to qishan under just know lost daughter, do not feel regret late.Today Japan is a good day, who knows to make such a pass, but still does not affect the soil line sun marriage passion, jiang Ziya and all left sun identified together, immediately let the two people get married, brought into the back room into its beauty.Chan yu, a master of mind control, was abducted to the back room with tears in his eyes. In front of the banquet, Sun is trying his best to “comfort” Her. His “comfort method” is really called “PUA master”.Chan yu tearfully scold Tu Xingsun: ignorant man, seller seeking glory, who are you to dare to flatter yourself like this!Soil line sun accompany smiling face to say: although the young lady is daughter of the body, not just also not anonymous generation, also do not disgrace you.I asked you, and your father gave me your permission. Why are you stubborn?Besides, my master bent to calculate, said that we have red silk tie foot edge, I will become a temple minister in the Zhou Dynasty.Miss you think, if we are not the fate, how can your father be willing, how can we coexist in the same room, and you and I married is known to all, who will believe that you are pure and pure?Think about it.The words made Her bow and move slightly.Then he will add a fire said, today how lucky, and the young lady jade body dating, said he would like to come forward strong solution of the belt.Chan yu said, though it is so, how can it be strong, it is not too late to marry my father tomorrow.Earth line sun where can wait for tomorrow, a go forward to hug Deng Chan yu said, a good day, why bitter push, wrong date.Two people knead after a time, earth xingsun succeed to reach into the mind, Deng Chan immediately burst into tears and said, so strong, will die not from.There is no way to let go.After entangled with each other for an hour, Deng Chan still refused, so Tu Xing Sun had to pretend to agree to her marriage after seeing her father tomorrow.Tu Xingsun puts his hands on The neck of Deng Chanyu and helps her to get up, but unexpectedly, the clothes on her body are unloaded by Tu Xingsun. Deng Chanyu blames Tu Xingsun for deceiving her, but Tu Xingsun says that if it is not so, the good wife has to push thousands of obstacles.Deng Chan this next just obediently obey, delicate shame closed his eyes and said, “bitchy concubine department xiangboudoir naive, do not know the romance, begging general pity.”The next day, the couple came to visit Jiang Ziya. Jiang ziya said, “Since Chan yu is now a zhou minister, what should I do if I send troops to capture your father?Chan yu said that since she had returned to China, she would go to persuade her father to stay down.As soon as she saw her father, She knelt down and said that she had been taken to Xiqi and forced to get married. She had lost her body to the earth and had come to save her father’s misfortune.The father also analyzed the pros and cons of a world, xian Chen choose the Lord and official words, said deng Jiugong from thought are providence, willing to surrender.Jiang ziya also got three generals, and if he sent down one tu Xing Sun, he could bring Deng Jiu Gong and a whole crowd of horses. The world would use military skills, not all of them would fight to the death on the battlefield, but the most brilliant one would be to surrender without fighting to win over people.Soil line of the death of sun couple Jiang Ziya led the barracks through heavy difficulties to Mianchi County, over the Yellow River is chaoge, this thought victory in sight, who ever thought, here Jiang Ziya unexpectedly lost seven staff capable man.Mian pool guard that Lord Zhang Kui and his wife lan-ying gao, also be two valiant soldier loyalist, this Zhang Kui with soil of lines in a line that he is, but he is even more important than soil line sun, soil line only day sun travels, but Zhang Kui can day in one thousand five hundred, two men of war, the soil line sun miss Zhang Kui, back to camp after listen to son tooth said his master for the sun to catch him,The ground was steel, so he could not escape into the earth, so Tuxingsun went to Jialong Mountain to learn the magic from his master.A gust of wind came, Gao Lanying consciously not good, calculate unearthed line sun this to obstruct, busy called Zhang Kui to stop, Zhang Kui go fast, first to clip longshan lift knife waiting in the cliff, such as soil line sun approached, a knife will be in the past, take the head back to mianchi County hanging in the city.Deng Chanyu saw that her husband was dead, the desire to kill enemies, where an impulse to conceive, thoughts on dao Zhang Kui cries went out of the camp, in world war I, Deng Chanyu after 20 rounds and lan-ying gao war, lost to Deng Chanyu lan-ying gao hand hair five stone light, this time, she also wants to revenge, so lan-ying gao prepared, put a red bottle gourd in their hands, there are 49 roots anchor the sun,As soon as it came out, it hit The eyes of Deng Chan yu by surprise, and then it was cut down with a knife. Deng Chan yu also went with her husband, and a soul flew to the shrine.Clean up Zhang Kui also fully used three members of the general, Yang Ren will Chase Zhang Kui to the Yellow River edge, Yang Jian burned all to leave sun to his refers to the fate of chenggang, Wei Protect with the devil clubbing a dozen, hit Zhang Kui smashed.Gao Lanying is also killed by Ne Zha’s circle of heaven and earth and a gun.Tu Xingsun was later conferred by Jiang Ziya as “Tufu Star”, Deng Chanyu as “Liuhe Star”, Deng Jiugong as “Qinglong Star”, Zhang Kui as “Seven evil star” and Gao Lanying as “Taohua Star”.Review the Ming dynasty Xu Zhonglin “soul hunter”, there are many stories and popular in the folk, but we only know about, perhaps each character’s story may never know, after reading the soul hunter, I had completely unknown to Chinese characters, and more admire the genius of the author and fantastical imagination.I can’t find the words to admire the language and the description of the plot in this book, but I feel that it is not an ordinary person to complete this great work.Not only for the rich imagination of the book, but also for the wonderful language contained in the book, it is a cultural treasure.I have finished the three main character stories about Jiang Ziya, Ne Zha and Shen Gongbao. This one is about Tu Xing Sun. If you want to know the other three interesting stories, you can read my other three long articles, Bo Jun Yi Le.