Sophomore year, I transferred to another school on my own

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The third day of graduation, because there is no school status, I took an examination of five hundred, normal school can not, can only read ordinary high school.The key high school needs 2,000 yuan, although my parents are willing to pay for me, but I do not want to, mainly because my family is not rich, my brother is still at school.For two thousand dollars, it would take acres of wheat to sell.This high school is more than 20 miles away from my home in the town, is actually a vocational high school transformed.Vocational high school people are few, do not become ordinary high school.In fact, I didn’t want to go to school here, but there were two other boys in the village who went to school, and my mother said it was good to have company.If I went to another regular high school, farther away than this, and on my own, my mother would be worried.However, after only one year in this high school, dozens of students in our class were expelled, dropped out of school, transferred to another school, and there were only a dozen students at the end of the semester.The reason is that the principal’s fees are unreasonable.A few boys raised the flag of resistance, coupled with a small class, students are not many, the teacher teaching also a little half-hearted, want to seek a way out for themselves.Because if all these students leave, they have no students to hand over, and they risk being diverted.People go up, who would not want to find a better way for themselves?Looking at the class of fewer and fewer students, I also for myself where to go to school.In the summer vacation after my first year in high school, I began to plan for myself.I chose a place in Pugao, about 40 or 50 miles south of my house, and in those days you had to ride two or three hours to get there.But how? I don’t know anyone.Coincidentally, a distant relative of neighbor aunt home is teaching there, then the mother is holding her, let father and neighbor uncle go to that school together to look for distant relatives of their home.Distant relatives of my uncle’s family live in the school.When we arrived sweaty and explained our visit, the relative said he needed to consult with their school director.He took us to find the director, the director said, can, pay 800 yuan of transfer tuition can.I listened to eight hundred yuan, the heart immediately cool, did not speak.After a few words, we left the school.On the way back, I felt the road was so long that I didn’t have the strength to pedal the bike on my two legs.Home, my mother asked me, I told my mother the words, mother said, want to go to school, I will give you.But I can not bear the eight hundred dollars, every penny is earned by parents with sweat, too hard.I did not answer, but said I would go to the director myself in a few days.A few days later, I asked my mother for ten dollars and went to the high school by bike to find the director.Unfortunately, the director was not on duty at the school, so I asked the guard where the master’s house was and rode to the director’s village to find him.After all, he is a school teacher, or a small leader, people in eight villages know him, it is easy to find his home.At the director’s house, he happened to be there.He enthusiastically told me to eat watermelon and sit down.I sat down and told him that I wanted to transfer to this school.But my home conditions are particularly bad, can not afford to transfer tuition fees, said that my tears on the flow down.He saw how sad I was, and agreed to give me a reduction of more than half. He said he couldn’t make it any less.Otherwise he can’t talk to the principal.Two hundred. I was so happy to hear it.But instead of showing it, he said a lot of thanks.Coming out of the director’s house, I felt much lighter.Have learn to go up, still want only 200 yuan to turn tuition fee, but later think, 200 yuan also is money!In anticipation, the summer vacation ended, I wish to go to the school, divided to the liberal arts class.I worked very hard. In the first monthly exam, I ranked eighth in my class.At that time, the head teacher and the director were shocked, because the school size is ok, there are many students, they did not expect a student from nothing school can do ok.The director teaches us politics and likes to ask me questions in class.In there top for a period of time, this director say: xx. You transfer tuition fees to me, I say good.But then I didn’t give it to him, and he didn’t ask for it again. He must have been moved by my miserable and hard work.Special thanks to the director. Without him, I don’t know if I could transfer to a school or where I would make a living.He was definitely a light on my way forward.I also thank myself for never giving up at any time.Although very difficult very difficult, but fortunately step by step to come out!