See the light!Do you know the size of the basketball court?

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There are roughly 15 sizes of a basketball court. Do you know how many?Life is full of knowledge, depending on whether you have the heart!Some people play and watch basketball every day (cheerleaders!)., but did not know the various sizes of the basketball court.Just like driving every day and not fully understanding the rules of the road.Here let us learn about the various sizes of the basketball court, for the basketball white recharge.The basketball court is a rectangular solid plane, without obstacles, the height of the ceiling or the lowest obstacle should be at least 7m.This is very easy to understand, visible to the naked eye, as for why the height is 7M, there are two reasons: 1. The top edge of the backboard is 395cm, less than 4 meters, the remaining 3 meters shooting height is enough; 2.2, light, too high to see;Too low for your eyes!The outline of the basketball court: length: 28 meters, width: 15 meters, line width: 0.05 meters, this is the size of the standard basketball court, unlike table tennis court, can be large or small, so that it is difficult for Chinese players to adapt to the Tokyo Olympic Games small venues!There are a lot of auxiliary lines on the basketball court, but also size requirements!For example, the middle circle: 1.8 meters in radius;3 point line: 6.75m (started in 2010, it was 6.25m before), why did it change, as everyone’s 3 point technology is getting higher and higher, in order to improve the wonderful degree, so it has been increased!W free throw line: 5.80 meters from the inside of the end line to its outermost edge, 3.60 meters long!The free throw line is a straight line on the basketball court parallel to the backboard.According to the latest regulations, the line to the center of the basket is about 4.225 meters.In BOTH NBA and FIBA, the outer edge of the free throw line is 5.8 meters from the inner edge of the end line (the bottom line), while the inner edge of the end line is 1.2 meters from the back edge of the backboard. The closest distance between the front edge of the backboard and the inner edge of the basket is 0.15 meters, and the radius of the inner edge of the basket is 0.225 meters.Therefore, ignoring the thickness of the backboard, the distance from the free throw line to the center of the basket is 5.8-1.2-0.15-0.225=4.225 meters.The “three-second zone” is the red square area, commonly known as the “paint zone” in the NBA.Fair impact Zone: A 4-foot (1.2 m) semicircle under the basket centered around the center of the basket. This area is called fair impact Zone.Standing inside the arc, a defensive foul may be called whenever a defender makes contact with an offensive player.Outside the line, the defender can take his position in advance, and if the offensive player makes body contact with the defender, the offensive player will be called to bump.In the fair impact zone, a defensive player will not be called for a foul if he jumps, but will be called for a defensive foul if he does not jump.In addition to the various sizes of the basketball court, there are also about the size of the basket, the backboard.Basket: the inner rim diameter is at least 0.45m and at most 0.457m;Basket height: 3.05 meters;The lower edge of the backboard from the ground: 2.90 meters!In fact, a real basketball fan, not only familiar with Jordan, Kobe, Yao Ming and James, more important is familiar with the rules of the basketball court, so as to truly appreciate the true meaning of basketball.Of course, to be able to the various sizes of the basketball court and the corresponding rules can also be in full detail, that is Versailles!Dear, have you learned?Welcome to discuss and give advice, learn and grow together!