Rheinmetall launches the newest Lynx 120 fire support tracked armored vehicle

2022-08-01 0 By

On 19 February 2022, Rheinmetall unveiled the latest addition to the Lynx next-generation vehicle series.The dusseldorf-based technical team has now developed a mechanised fire support variant, the Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV).This unique platform, known as the Lynx 120, combined the tried-and-true turret concept and tried-and-true 120mm smoothbore gun with the Lynx KF41 chassis.The Lynx’s new mechanized fire support variant provides the user with excellent fire support and anti-tank capabilities.With its balanced blend of lethality, protection, mobility and survivability, the Lynx 120 is the perfect additional battlefield asset for Lynx platform users.Using off-the-shelf components, careful engineering reduces the vehicle’s weight, while customizable protection packs complete the packaging.The vehicle architecture has been simplified and provides open ‘plug and play’ functionality for future upgrades while conforming to and adapting to NATO standards.As the armed forces must deal with future challenges such as high-tech combat systems at a time when traditional solutions and concepts have reached their performance limits, the Lynx 120 is designed to provide maximum lethality and firepower and is equipped with the latest defense system technology to deter adversaries.Utilizing the Lynx KF41 modular chassis and expandable large-caliber turret concept, the vehicle is a high-performance solution with great growth potential and guaranteed outperformance capability.Just a few weeks ago, the company introduced the Lynx Combat Support Vehicle (CSV) variant, which is now also available in a fire support version.The basic philosophy behind the Lynx 120 design philosophy is to provide a combat system that provides maximum operational performance and logistical advantages within a reasonable time frame and at realistic cost.The vehicle’s main weapon is the Rhinestone 120mm smoothbore gun, derived from the leopard 2’s main weapon.It can fire state-of-the-art DM11 programmable high Explosive (HE) projectiles.Its auxiliary weapons include a coaxial machine gun.In addition, the commander’s independent weapon station will be equipped with additional Browning M2 heavy machine guns.A 360° camera system with automatic target detection and tracking reduces crew workload in all operational scenarios.The special protection modules are mission-specific responses to ballistic threats, improvised explosive devices, explosively formed penetrators, and artillery fire, and can be quickly installed with limited tools.In addition, the vehicle can easily be equipped with a proven, already deployed Rheinmetall Active Defense System (ADS) to defeat rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles.Additional armour packs and active protection systems are available upon request.