Read and write super fast portable storage good things, the design is also very beautiful, DAhua S809 solid state U disk start

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In my daily work and life, I often need to transfer various files between my mobile phone and PC. Before, I always used ordinary U disk with Type-C interface to do it. Although it is convenient, the speed always feels too slow, and it takes time to back up photos and videos.A few days ago I got a Dahua S809 solid state U disk to try, found very good use, read and write speed than ordinary U disk much faster.Dahua S809 this kind of solid state U disk, in the design and volume and ordinary U disk is not very different, but because of the use of high-speed flash memory particles, and support USB3.2GEN2 protocol, so in the corresponding interface, can get up to 520MB/s reading speed, can rival the performance of the solid state disk, but because of small size, easy to carry,So it’s really convenient for everyday use.In the packaging, DAhua S809 is very delicate, not the kind of disposable packaging design, I think the New Year, take as a gift to a friend is also very appropriate.The USB flash drive itself adopts type-A and Type-C dual interface design, which can be easily used on mobile phones and PCS. Moreover, it also adopts metal shell, which is not only durable, but also has A delicate texture.Compared with ordinary U disk, Dahua S809 as a solid STATE U disk, read and write faster at the same time, the use of heat will be larger, so with the help of its own zinc alloy shell, can get better heat dissipation performance.In addition, the usb stick also supports WINDOWS TO GO system, which can be installed on it, both for business and entertainment.In compatibility, DAhua S809 does A good job, it can support Windows, MacOS, Linux and Android and other common systems, plug and play, and because it is type-C plus Type-A dual-interface design, so there is no need for conversion cables in daily use.It can be plugged into mobile phones, tablets and other devices.In terms of specifications, Dahua S809 provides 128G and 256G two storage versions, using 3D NAND flash memory particles, stability is very good, read speed can reach 520MB/s, write speed can reach 460MB/s, and has a 3-year warranty, when using more reassuring.In detail, DAhua S809 uses a superrun shape design, interface part is a double clamshell design, so in daily carry, can better play a protective role on the interface, compared to the protection design such as press sliding, this clamshell structure is obviously more durable, with dahua S809 metal body material,The anti – fall performance of U disk itself will be more outstanding.In daily use, DAhua S809 can be directly connected to mobile phones, PCS and other devices. If the device is compatible with USB3.2 GEN2 protocol, you can get full speed reading and writing experience.The Dahua S809 I used is a 256GB version, which shows 231GB of available space on Windows, which is more than enough for backing up photos and videos.CrystalDiskMark test, can see that dahua S809 read speed can reach 523MB/s, write speed is up to 496MB/s, does meet expectations, to meet the official standard, as a system disk is really no problem, through the mobile phone directly read and write usb disk above the file will also be very smooth.For daily common small files, through ATTO test, can see dahua S809 read speed can be stable at 508MB/s, write speed can reach 477MB/s, is also very fast level.Usually when backing up documents, photos can be quickly done, the actual transfer of files, can be stable at 27MB/s write speed.Overall, used after these days, I feel dahua S809 also was a good-looking and practical small tools, especially on mobile phone when using special convenient, with super fast reading and writing speed, we can more easily backup important data on the phone, in addition dahua as a domestic leading monitoring equipment manufacturers, its technical strength is very strong,The product is relatively more durable.If usually still rely on chat software and cloud disk synchronization important documents, might as well try dahua S809 this fast and easy to use solid U disk, usually installed in the bag, can be taken out at any time to use.