Not throwing in the towel, Huawei Nova 10 Pro was released as scheduled, with 12+512G set at 4299

2022-08-01 0 By

In the domestic mobile phone sales ranking in 2021, huawei brand has completely disappeared. In the domestic mobile phone sales ranking last year, the top four are Vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi and Honor.Why does Huawei, which once dominated half of the domestic market, have no sales responsibility now?The possible reason is already well known, that is, under the influence of the ban, Huawei cannot find 5G chips to use, and now 5G phones are popular, so no 5G phones means no sales.However, it should be noted that although there is no 5G phone support, we see that huawei still has some 4G phone business and some sales volume.For example, HUAWEI Nova 9 series and HUAWEI P50 series released last year are 4G products, but they are favored by some users because of their excellent images and screens.This year is the same, HUAWEI will continue to update new 4G phones, HUAWEI Nova 10 series will be released in the first half of the year, and recently there has been news of HUAWEI Nova 10 Pro, you may like it.It will be released in early May, and it will be 4299 for 12+512G. The snapdragon 778G Plus processor has been revealed, and the specific launch date of HUAWEI Nova 10 Pro will be in early May, which is about one month away.The snapdragon 778G Plus chip used by HUAWEI Nova 10 Pro is equivalent to an upgraded 6nm process chip. Of course,The performance is certainly not as good as snapdragon 888 or Snapdragon 8 Gen1, but considering the mid-range performance, it is not a problem to play the game.In terms of price, HUAWEI Nova 10 Pro 12+512G is reported to be 4,299 yuan, which is the first time that the mid-range series is equipped with 512G large memory, several hundred more expensive than the 256G of the previous generation, which is indeed not a high price for HUAWEI phones. What do you think of this?HUAWEI Nova 10 Pro will also have a good battery life and quick charging combination, namely 4800mAh+66W, as well as powerful front and rear cameras, giving full play to the core advantage of HUAWEI video.However, it should be noted that HUAWEI Nova 10 series is still only A 4G phone, so sales will still be significantly reduced, what do you think?If you like nova series and want to change to a new one now, HUAWEI Nova 9 is the best choice. The price of this mid-range machine has been reduced by 100 yuan at present. Since it is only a product of 2,000 models, it is still cost-effective in HUAWEI.The HUAWEI Nova 9 is already powered by a Snapdragon 778G processor, and as we mentioned earlier, it’s a 6nm chip, so it’s not too bad to play games.As for the image, HUAWEI Nova 9 is fully equipped with the advantages of 32 megapixel selfie on the front and 50 megapixel ultra-perceptional image system on the rear. It is equipped with ultra hd image engine algorithm, simultaneous video production from both front and back, and multi-camera shooting. It is very convenient for video creation, because it can be shot at different angles at the same time.What’s more, HUAWEI Nova 9 has been equipped with the original Hongmeng OS, and it is equipped with the original HarmonyOS2 system, which is naturally better than the other vendors in terms of smoothness. People who buy HUAWEI Nova 9 also like Hongmeng OS to a large extent.In terms of battery life and fast charging, HUAWEI Nova 9 is 4300mAh+66W, which also has no obvious defects.What do you think of HUAWEI Nova 9?