Liaohe Town, Wolong District: Continuous improvement of living environment and rural revitalization to improve quality and efficiency

2022-08-01 0 By

In order to further consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and comprehensively promote the work of rural revitalization, Liaohe Town of Wolong District has launched a series of “combination measures” in recent days to continuously improve the appearance of the village, improve the happiness index of the masses, and promote the construction of beautiful countryside.The town adopts the working mechanism of “leaders grasping supervision, cadres grasping the front line, and the masses participating” to make unified deployment for the outstanding problems existing in the current living environment and corresponding remediation measures, and actively mobilize cadres and the masses to participate in environmental remediation actions, pool their ideas and efforts, and further empower the beautiful countryside.Party members, cadres and villagers from all villages are working together to build a beautiful and livable ecological environment.The living environment renovation activities not only enhance the town’s environmental outlook, but also enhance the people’s awareness of civilization, sanitation awareness, the masses really start up, common participation, common maintenance, and jointly create a clean comfortable, clean and orderly living environment.(Su Xiang, Han Fengfu) Editor: Yu Ming Review: Chen Xiaopu Final review: Lu Yuanpeng