Jincheng River: Consolidating the achievements of safety care and consolidating the foundation of dynamic control

2022-08-01 0 By

In order to make full use of the opportunity for migrant workers to return to their hometown and city during the Spring Festival, strengthen the control of long-term migrant workers involved in drugs.On the eve of the Spring Festival, jinchengjiang District Narcotics control Office, based on the actual situation, highlights the key, carefully organized towns and villages (streets) in the area of long-term work outside the returning drug-related personnel to visit and carry out hair testing special action.Because at ordinary times many drug-related personnel working hard to do sampling observation in time, therefore, Jin Chengjiang area various villages and towns (street) use migrant workers return home during the Spring Festival holiday time, combined with large data information analysis, according to the list of a big screen, big PuJian work, further investigate jurisdiction drug addicts.In testing process, between the staff member of drug addicts in the form of chat, shanghainese work, life, family, basic situation and recent activities trajectory and propaganda on the drug control knowledge and related policies, encourage drug users to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, with perseverance and determination to stay away from drugs.Source: Jinchengjiang District Narcotics Control Office