“A dream of red mansions” : Lin Daiyu wrote “peach blossom line”, Bao Yu read not praise, but tears

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Lin Daiyu and Jia Baoyu are bosom friends of each other, which is the well-known setting of characters in a Dream of Red Mansions.They preexistence predestined relationship, present life is cousin, grow up together as a child, two people are in love with each other again, became each other’s spirit to rely on each other.Read to the seventy, return to the title is “Lin Daiyu rebuild peach blossom society, Shi Xiangyun accidentally fill willow catkin words.”Read the upper back, let us to lift this set – (treasure jade in his writing homework) in this time, dai jade wrote a “peach blossom”, and “were songs”, “autumn rain evening window”, the “peach blossom” and “poetry” gushi, also referred to as “poetry”, “line”, is the meaning of music, it is different from this,It is relatively free in syllables and meter, which is in line with Lin Daiyu’s unrestrained personality. Therefore, Lin Daiyu is good at writing “song line style” poems.Perhaps Cao Xueqin made this setting also has another meaning: “Xing” is not simply a kind of poetic style, this word also includes Lin Daiyu is a person who will “go on a long journey”, return.”Peach blossom line” is the content of the discussion, so we copy the full text: peach blossom curtain outside the dongfeng soft, peach blossom curtain morning makeup lazy.Peach blossom curtain outside the curtain, people and peach blossom is not far apart.The east wind will lift the curtain, and the flowers will not roll the curtain.Peach blossom curtain is still open outside, the curtain is thinner than peach blossom.Flower solution pity person flower also sorrow, separated curtain message wind blowing through.The wind through the hunan curtain full court, court before spring times injury.Idle moss yard door empty mask, oblique day railings by themselves.Railing people cry to the east wind, qian skirt stole alongside peach blossom.Peach peach leaves in disorder, flowers bloom new red leaves coagulated bi.Fog wrapped smoke seal ten thousand strains, dry building zhaobi red fuzzy.Sky burning mandarin duck brocade, spring hanfeng wake up to move shan pillow.Maid golden basin water, xiangquan shadow dip rouge cold.What kind of bright rouge, the color of the flower the tears of the person, if the person’s tears than peach blossom, tears from long flowery flowers from the.Tears view flowers tears dry, tears dry spring flowers haggard.Gaunt flowers cover gaunt people, flowers fly tired easy dusk.A DuYu spring to do, lonely curtain empty month mark!We should pay special attention to one detail, which is baoyu’s behavior after reading the poem completely: “Baoyu did not praise it, but burst into tears.”Why did Baoyu suddenly cry?Is, of course, he read the poem deeply, and at heart clear, this poem is dai jade works, before this, and no one told the treasure jade is the author of this poem dai jade, but the treasure jade finished reading the poem, immediately decided, this is the inspiration, dai jade even treasure jean falsely claimed to be your own work, the treasure jade also resolutely not approved, because he was deeply convinced: “…I knew that my sister would never allow my sister to make such a sad statement.This is a lament for sister Pelim, who was bereaved.”(Lin Daiyu rebuilds peach Blossom Club) Mr. Zhou Ruchang thinks, “Peach Blossom Walk is half wonderful before, but a little bit loose after entering, it is not the end of the storm.”(” Zhou Ruchang revising punctuate and annotate the stone “) said it after half a little loose, think it is better than “autumn rain evening window” as “a spirit of”, but I think this is the plot must be set, “peach blossom” in the first half period of peach blossom came about, of course, being coherent, in the second half, the inevitable “by the flower to the color”, “by color to tears”, “by the tears to the people”, to “haggard”,Until “the death of the spring (because of the ‘lonely curtain empty month mark’)” many images repeatedly appear, but the air connected, the relationship is close.Because there are so many images, it will naturally appear “scattered”, but in fact, it is “scattered but not scattered”, which is precisely why Baoyu immediately “rolled down in tears” after reading it, because he understood Daiyu so well.Above said, the years of the plight of the dai jade is that she has arrived and logistics, talk about marriage theory to marry is imminent, but “the treasure two grandma” resolute can’t is a “sicko” (fu rong such noble is impossible to do such a choice), dai jade love treasure jade, the treasure jade also love the dai jade, but love is not equal to the marriage, they doomed from love to marriage.(Sad Daiyu) To put it bluntly, in order to reach the “wood-stone alliance”, Daiyu’s illness must be cured, and in order for daiyu’s illness to be cured, the “wood-stone alliance” must be finally reached (she came to “return the tears”).This is a “paradox”.Daiyu’s sadness, is this matter all the time in her mind, unable to solve, difficult to let go!Treasure jade from the poem reads the dai jade sad, also realized his sorrow, when the dai jade in the poem had generally speaking of the gaunt and death, the treasure jade empathy, the poem image overlay, plays upon the heart of the treasure jade is going to “travel,” dai jade reflected image, and the dai jade is the most precious treasure jade, he don’t have the heart to, is not willing to “travel,” dai jade,Thus, while everyone was still lamenting the beauty of the poem and the reconstruction of the Peach Blossom Society, Baoyu had already thought of the content behind the words and deeply felt Daiyu’s sadness. Of course, we believe that the two of them may have discussed Daiyu’s illness privately and made corresponding plans for the future.However, baoyu could not help but “roll down tears” when the things that might become sad endings in the future were expressed in the form of words in the poem, because this sadness is what he imagined, and it is the sadness in his heart that he has consolidated countless times and is difficult to solve.Of course, Daiyu and Baoyu have always known each other.When Baoyu learned that Jia Zheng will return, and return will check his brush class, he panic up, determined to write, the sisters also help him gather up the “task”, Daiyu how to do it, she not only stopped the activities of the poetry club, but also directly imitate Baoyu’s handwriting wrote a roll of “Zhong Yu fly”.She did not urge Baoyu to catch up with her lessons, but she was close to baoyu to solve problems.(144, the picture is from the network, the copyright belongs to the original copyright owner)