Stick to the line to stabilize the “vegetable basket”!Jiading vegetable base rush to receive rotation to ensure supply

2022-07-31 0 By

During the lockdown period, buying vegetables was one of the most difficult problems for residents. In order to allow residents at home to eat vegetables, jiading vegetable base is trying to ensure capacity.At 6 o ‘clock in the morning of April 8, located in Huating Town of Shanghai Jiapin vegetable planting professional cooperative of Hangzhou white vegetable planting greenhouse, the workers of the collection group are busy picking individual vegetables into the basket.Group leader Guo Qiaogui introduced, in the cooperative implementation of seal control management, their 12 workers immediately transformed to protect for duty personnel.During this time, daily harvesting and transportation have continued.”We start collecting vegetables at 6 in the morning and work until about 11:30 in the afternoon.At present, the main supply is three varieties of green leaf vegetables, chrysanthemum chrysanthemum and chives, and the daily harvest is about three tons.”Zhu Xiaoxia, head of the cooperative, said that except for those who stay at the base, the managers work from home to handle orders, deploy vehicles and ensure that vegetables are collected and transported.At noon, vegetables in the greenhouse will be processed by baskets. At about 5 p.m., they will be transferred to the company’s warehouse in Pujiang by trucks. They will be packaged together with nearly 4 tons of vegetables in another base, and then transported to each material point.Zhu Xiaoxia said that at present, the sales direction of the cooperative has been from the previous period of supply of the business, slowly to undertake the streets, towns, community neighborhood committee purchasing government orders.Generally speaking, the next day can be directly delivered to each village, so as to alleviate the difficulty of people to buy vegetables.In addition to the timely harvest of seasonal vegetables, cooperatives have also implemented a rotation mechanism, after the completion of the harvest of timely ploughing, fertilizer, replanting new varieties, so as to ensure the sustainable supply of green leafy vegetables.According to reports, huating is currently a total of 10 vegetable cooperatives are actively carrying out supply production, vegetables can be picked in 25 to 30 tons per day.Source: Shangguan No., Jiading, Shanghai