For free month!5000 yuan gift card!Double the deposit enjoy non-stop!

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Big bang!Commodities again!Go to Shenzhen gaozhan, buy pole Fox car enjoy triple subsidies to 25000 yuan!Recently, there are ARCFOX Alpha S(ARCFOX alpha S) sales, color optional, ⑥ heavy gift feedback new and old customers: ① : call the VIP hotline to receive a beautiful gift;② : Free test drive, you can enjoy a customized ARCFOX gift bag;③ : Free evaluation, can enjoy an additional replacement subsidy of 5000 yuan (no brand no model);(4) : exclusive yaoxin drilling gift, including 5 exclusive rights and interests: – lifetime free three-power warranty – lifetime free oTA upgrade service – free gift and installation of charging pile -5 years 200,000km super long warranty (the first to be the one)- free car machine flow (the first year 8G/ month)⑤ :Share friends and relatives and successfully order any ARCFOX polar Fox models, you can get a surprise gift of 1000 yuan.⑥ : – fixed loan 36 0 interest – no pressure loan 0 prepayment -15% ultra-low down payment – personalized flexible customized loan program (here has been added to the small program, please go to understand the car di terminal view)