Being taken captive to Cambodia as a “blood slave”, the boy responds

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A young Chinese man, Li Yayunlun (xiao Li), who was taken to Cambodia to find a job, became a “blood slave” because he refused to be sundered.According to the nurse’s volunteer, Xiao Li’s condition has improved.”On the first day he was admitted to the hospital, he couldn’t hold his head up, he had difficulty breathing in his wheelchair, his body was swollen, he couldn’t stand, his blood was almost drained.Now basically out of danger, breathing slightly better, edema has significantly improved.Most importantly, I can walk slowly and independently.”He added that it was not clear whether Li would be discharged from hospital because it was not clear whether his internal organs would suffer from ischemia, which could lead to fatal risks.At present, he will remain in the hospital for observation for a period of time.On the afternoon of February 16, a reporter from Red Star News contacted Li and Chen, a member of the local China-Cambodia volunteer team who was taking care of him.Chen said that after several days of treatment, li’s condition has recovered, “last night began to reluctantly walk.”Mr. Li himself sounded frail on the phone with reporters.He said he most wanted to do, as soon as he recovered to buy a ticket home.Earlier, according to the Chinese Embassy in Cambodia, the Chinese and Cambodian police are cooperating to carry out relevant investigation work.At noon on February 15, upstream news reporter interviewed the person involved in the video xiao Li.Reporter: They took the blood out of you, how many milliliters of bottles?Did you know it was for sale?Why would they take your blood?Xiao Li: More than 350 ml in a glass bottle.I could not see the time in the inside, almost every other month, two bottles of blood to draw my blood, a total of 7 times, the last time was to prick my forehead to draw blood.I don’t know if they sold it.But they paid me to engage in Internet fraud, to get money from China, I refused to participate.They couldn’t get money out of me, they had to squeeze money out of my body, squeeze a penny a penny, because they couldn’t lose money.Reporter: how do you get into this black industry chain?Xiao Li: I’m looking for a job in China. I was kidnapped from China.I worked as a security guard in Shenzhen, Beijing, and then from Beijing to Guangxi.Taken to the border in Pingxiang, Guangxi, [I] was pulled to a car by two men.They put a gun to my waist and went straight across the border to Vietnam.Ho Chi Minh City was the first stop, and then I was taken by boat to Sihanoukville, Cambodia.Reporter: How much did you get sold for?To whom?Li: I don’t know how much it was sold for, but it ended up being sold to a company in Chinatown for $18,500.This company is engaged in fraud, the people inside are all engaged in network investment fraud.Source: Responsible editor: Li Yun Copyright belongs to the original author all, if there is infringement please timely contact