A sci-fi cyberpunk detective detective game

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Here is xiao Bai’s recommended daily travel time.There are thousands of games out there, and there are many that are fun to play that are not known to the general public due to lack of publicity.Gamedec is a sci-fi cyberpunk story-style role-playing game.In the game players will come to the future of the world, in this special world adventure, and you will become a private detective, for others to solve all kinds of puzzles, while exploring the future of the world, this world, to bring a lot of changes.This work is a science fiction cyberpunk style detective inference game, in recent years, the development of PC game is relatively smooth, this slow pace of inference game has been slowly accepted by players.This concept of game is very interesting, the story took place in the future, players can be in the future of the real world and the future of VR virtual game world, and to collect clues in the two completely different environment, you will find that the real world because people did not hide face to face, so very pay attention to interpersonal relationship and the art of language, and in VR game world,People are hidden in their roles, human nature is exposed very thoroughly, to extract information more pay attention to wisdom.This is the biggest characteristic of ultra high degrees of freedom, although the game was the plot as the guidance, but in the middle of the step process is not restricted, you can step by step in accordance with the instruction, also can skip directly toward to the direction of the do you think, and the game difficulty is rather large, there is no clear steps tip, the entire process depends on the player to play puzzles,It’s possible that what you think is the right judgment has led to a bad outcome.In a sense, this is the real detective game, and whether it ends well or badly, it’s the player’s choice.Unfortunately, at the end of the game, the clues you’ve collected are automatically pieced together, and the player is given a number of possible choices to choose from, which is really confusing, and it’s possible to skip the whole process and get the answer right, which is confusing.In addition, the game has also added an element of cultivation, players can collect ability points to add talent, under the talent of many problems will be solved.Overall, the game is a true high degree of freedom exploration detective game, allowing the player to act entirely at his own discretion, which is quite new in that it’s up to the player to decide whether the outcome is good or bad.The gameplay of a real-world game that switches back and forth between worlds is just as amazing, and I have to admire the designer’s imagination.The overall difficulty of the game is too large, no hints do not look under the guide is very testing the player’s real detective level, recommended to like detective puzzle game partners.The game supports simplified Chinese and sells for 99RMB on Steam.Well, today’s game recommendation here, small white here there are a lot of fun games, we continue next period.Welcome to pay attention to love the game xiaobai, also please like xiaobai friends to help share!