Winter to send warm affection warm hearts | Yima City culture, Tourism bureau condolence retired veteran cadres, difficult party members

2022-07-30 0 By

On January 27, members of the Bureau of Culture, Radio and Tourism of Yimar visited some retired senior cadres and destitute party members of the bureau.They sent rice, flour, oil and other gifts and New Year’s greetings.Visited sun Wenqing and other retired cadres.Wherever they went, officials from the municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio and Tourism talked with retired senior cadres and learned about their living conditions, physical conditions and difficult needs in detail.At the same time, I also briefed them on the work of the Bureau over the past year, and listened to their opinions and suggestions. I hope that veteran cadres can give full play to their experience and advantages and offer ideas, ideas and advice for the development of cultural and tourism integration.And wish the veteran cadres happy holidays, health and longevity, happy family, happy life.When visiting the party members in difficulties, the bureau leaders learned about their physical and family conditions in detail, encouraged them to strengthen their confidence, overcome difficulties, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, and hoped that they should trust and rely on the Party organization when encountering difficulties, and wished them a happy and peaceful Spring Festival.(Feng Lei, Yang Qiang, laughing)