The “oil price spike” of more than 3.5%, the “record increase”, January 2022 oil prices surged

2022-07-30 0 By

In January, a total of 2 times the price adjustment, now just entering a statistics of oil price adjustment for the first time, but due to the recent international oil prices rose more fall less, it makes a new round of price adjustment expected to rise increasingly, have appeared in current situation, the increase has been more than 2 wool/liter, if international oil prices continued to rise in the coming days, then the oil price is going to rally next week.The new oil price adjustment will take place at 12 PM next Monday (24 PM on January 17), seven working days into the current 10-working day statistical cycle. This makes the current oil price increase expected to be 290 yuan/ton, which is expected to increase the oil price by 0.22 yuan/liter to 0.26 yuan/liter in terms of liters.The international oil price rose again at the close of the morning, which added 25 yuan/ton to the expected increase today. Now there are only 5 days left before the adjustment of the oil price. It can be said that the oil price is getting closer and closer, depending on the final increase.Follow the “latest Oil price Inquiry” public account to know how much oil prices have risen in advance.International oil prices jumped more than 3.5 percent this morning, making it the seventh consecutive day of rising statistics for the latest oil price adjustment. The increase is now expected to exceed the 50 yuan/ton increase standard of 240 yuan/ton.At present, there are only 3 working days left for the statistical time, the average daily drop of more than 80 yuan/ton is needed to ensure the oil price does not rise, which requires the continuous collapse of international oil price, which is very difficult.So, according to current statistics, a rise in oil prices next week is almost certain, depending on how much it turns out to be.In January 2022, oil prices jumped though in January 2022 oil price will be 2 times the price adjustment, but the price adjustment for the first time, now appeared in statistics, paying special attention to the international oil prices still rising, the current oil are already close to $82 a barrel, if international oil prices continued to rise in the coming days this week,Then the increase is likely to exceed 300 yuan/ton, it can be said that the January 2022 oil price has started to rise, depending on the last few days of the expected increase can be reduced.To know the price of oil ahead of time, pay attention to the headline “Oil price knew”