Ten thousand mu tea mountain to fertilize “consultant”

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“Manager Wu, what fertilizer should be applied to how long buds of tea?””Potassium sulfate tea tree with high nitrogen content can be applied for compound fertilizer, and if the effect is not ideal, appropriate amount of urea can be added.”The interviewer above is Qu Yong, a tea farmer, Meiling Village, Huguo Town, Naxi District, Luzhou city, and the answer is Wu Yong, manager of luzhou branch agricultural materials and fertilizer project Department.Huguo Town, Naxi District and surrounding towns such as Tianxian and Quba are full of tea gardens. It is the special morning tea planting base of 100,000 mu of Luzhou city and an important development project of the city’s rural revitalization.”The tea leaves in the special morning tea base can be picked from the beginning of Spring until July and August.At present, the spring tea before the Ming dynasty has been picked, and now it is for the tea tree to fill the compound fertilizer, so as to facilitate the late summer and autumn tea growth stage.Therefore, during this period of time, our main work is to send cnPETROLEUM’s own brand ‘One Flag’ chemical fertilizer into the tea mountain, and at the same time, organize professional and technical personnel to carry out scientific fertilization lectures for tea farmers on the spot, and answer questions for tea farmers on the spot.Moor-jankowski said.On March 29, the event was held in the courtyard of liu Xiaoliang, a local tea farmer.Liu xiaoliang said that his three brothers all grow tea, with a total of more than 10 mu of tea plantations.At present, spring tea has been picked. The average selling price of 300 to 400 jin of tea leaves per jin is about 70 to 80 yuan, among which the bud tip is more than 100 yuan per jin.So want tea how long bud bud to apply what fertilizer, it is the problem that many tea farmers consult on the spot.Meiling village team has a lot of tea planting large households, I heard that sichuan sales of fertilization “consultant” to open a lecture to Tea mountain, are led down to the scene in the team leader Qu Yong.”Our team has 600 to 700 mu of tea plantations, and tea production is the main source of income for the villagers.Therefore, how to scientific fertilization, let tea quality better, higher yield, is our most concerned.Last year, the tea garden in my home alone used more than 20 bags of compound fertilizer, and achieved a better harvest.So I’ve brought all the big growers here today.”Wu Yong is one of the fertilization “consultants” for the campaign.When I saw Wu yong communicate with farmers with familiar professional knowledge and easy to understand language on the spot, I thought he was from a “training program”.After further interviews, fang learned that Wu Yong took over the sales work of agricultural materials and fertilizer at the beginning of last year, and began to “supplement” fertilizer and fertilization knowledge through studying by teachers and assiduous self-study.Because fertilization methods involve the villagers’ crops, Wu Yong did not dare to be careless in his study.”Everything comes to him who waits.”Today’s Wu Yong, has been more familiar with the combination of different crop growth cycle required chemical elements and the use of the effect, according to the proportion of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements, when to apply “yuezi fertilizer” “strong body fertilizer” “strong fruit fertilizer” and other scientific fertilization technology explained well, become trusted by the villagers “soil expert”.”One flag” chemical fertilizer manufacturer technician Tang Deming is also this fertilization “consultant”.At the activity site, he mainly introduced in detail the types of chemical fertilizer, the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, the scope of application, as well as the specific methods and matters needing attention of fertilization to tea farmers, and gave suggestions on the use of urea and compound fertilizer in different growing periods of tea trees.At the same time, he also emphasized the brand effect and quality assurance of CNPC’s “One Flag” chemical fertilizer, and analyzed the harm of low-quality chemical fertilizer produced by some small fertilizer plants to tea plants with specific cases.”Consultants” detailed explanation inspired the scene of tea farmers to buy enthusiasm.By 4 PM, 240 bags of compound fertilizer and urea were sold on the spot, achieving “double harvest” of social and economic benefits.(Tang Du-bin, Chung Yan)