Li Meijin: Families with daughters should remember these four “iron rules” to keep their children from taking detours

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As parents, do you really know how to raise your children?Introduction Although boys and girls are children, but the development of the whole body and mind is different, and there are also some different treatment in the whole growth process and environment.As the old saying goes: keep a son to worry about a while, keep a daughter to worry about a lifetime, so it can be seen that raising a daughter than raising a son more bother, more let parents care.Is there really a difference between raising a daughter and a son?First of all, parents should understand that today’s society seems to be fair and equal to men and women on the surface, but in fact, women have always been in a disadvantaged group.Therefore, parents take special care of their daughters at an early age, and fear to hold them in their hands. However, it is precisely because of this kind of care from parents that girls receive meticulous protection from an early age. When she enters the society, she will face some problems that she cannot solve.Thus, there is an essential difference between raising a daughter and raising a son, and parents should change from themselves.02 Lee Mi-geun: If you have a daughter, you should remember the four “iron rules”.She had a daughter who was not very good at school but had a strong musical talent, so she trained her daughter to become a music teacher.A lot of parents want to put their daughter to the “ladylike” aspect to cultivate, want to let her daughter “show outside hui In”, become a graceful and generous person.However, parents only pay attention to the future direction of their daughter, but ignore her growth and self-protection ability, so, families with daughters, parents should remember these four “iron law”.One of the biggest things parents can do for their daughter is teach her how to protect herself and stick to her own principles and boundaries.Girls with principles will be respected as boys, and in the future growth, such girls will be more popular, on the contrary, even principles and the bottom line are not able to adhere to the girls, to the end of nothing.Professor Li Meijin once said: When children lack care for the opposite sex, it is easy to fall in love with their children.In fact, this sentence is easy to understand, we can see that some girls from single-parent families, when looking for their other half, always hope that the other half can care for them like their father.Father is the girl’s life in contact with the first opposite sex, so the father’s love also determines the daughter’s future outlook on marriage and even outlook on life.Nowadays society is very open-minded, so parents should teach their daughters “sex education”, which is not only to protect their children, but also to let them learn how to protect themselves.Don’t think that “sex education” is difficult to talk about, if you don’t do it, then the future impact on your child is “infinite”.It is the nature of girls to love beauty. Nowadays, many parents hope to make their daughters beautiful when they are young, but in fact, this kind of dressing up is not good for their children.Professor Lee Mi-geun once said, Do not make your children too beautiful.This is because if children are trained to love beauty from an early age, they tend to focus on their appearance at school, which affects their studies.If you have a daughter, you can take a look at the four “iron laws” of raising your daughter. This will help your daughter avoid mistakes and protect herself from them when she goes out into the world.