Jincai Internet in the most vicious way high flash collapse, 10 days to double its market has ended?

2022-07-30 0 By

Two days before the recommended by warren and large V digital currency gold capital wealth connected to the most vicious way high flash crash, pull a lot of keeping, at the moment of falling open call auction sharply higher 5.34%, turnover was 165 million, expecting to harden the investors chased into just got a drop stop, bedding face of 15 cm, time for an hour and a 15.35% loss.After the opening of the rapid decline, a minute hit green, two minutes hit negative 3 points, 10 minutes hit negative 5 points, an hour hit limit, fried half a month of digital economy with the fall of the Financial Internet came to an end, the financial Internet in this wave of stock prices also doubled.Plate back pull up, do not easily participate in.Don’t be infatuated with, a big Yin column, standing in the high point, enough to hit the plate customers chase up to eat a few POTS.Its other follower Asian Union development today a word limit, shareholders reduce negative, the door closed, all pay for the major shareholders.Fry high stock price, can’t wait to cash out, leaving a batch of silly scattered to help them lose money, such as the number of empty bags of their own, dispirited out.All concepts are seductive points, let you lose is the end.