In the Battle of Laoshan, six enemy regiments were annihilated in one day. Artillery played a decisive role and 13 salvos were fired by rocket artillery alone

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In mountain warfare, the most critical is the use of artillery power, especially in the relatively static mountain confrontation warfare, the normal display of artillery power can almost decide the outcome of the battle!In the laoshan rounds of war, our army artillery will play a decisive role, on both ends for all line infantry provides strong firepower, especially in laoshan defensive operations, our army infantry under the powerful artillery firepower can fight several times the enemy infantry attack, this step cooperative engagement level is very high,It can be said that most of the enemy infantry casualties were caused by artillery.Today we take the most typical “7.12 laoshan Defensive battle” as an example to explain in detail the mountain artillery tactics of our army at that time.In 1984, the Chinese army decided to carry out the campaign to recover Laoshan, and dispatched a complete division of artillery corps to cover fire. In order to suppress the firepower of the enemy artillery during the attack, it first used three artillery companies to implement the “142 Project” plan, that is, these three artillery companies took turns to change positions, hit a round of shells to change positions.In this way, the enemy’s heavy artillery is exposed to fire, and then our heavy artillery is immediately suppressed and destroyed, gradually weakening the enemy’s artillery firepower at the front.In addition, in view of the old enemy positions to build a strong firepower, shock infantry pose a serious threat to me, so it will soon be 85 mm field guns on frontier to implement assembly and dismantling night, enemy artillery distance is only 400 meters, recently directly provide indirect fire support for infantry, quick to destroy the enemy’s weapon emplacements, effectively cover the infantry attack,Truly achieved “artillery bayonet”.During the battle to recapture Laoshan, the artillery was ready for 34 minutes and then extended to cover the infantry assault. With strong artillery support, the infantry occupied the Laoshan position in only 54 minutes.”7·12″ enemy counterattack is the most intense battle in the entire Laoshan Campaign, the enemy put in a total of six regiments, including two elite enemy 356 divisions, 316 division 1 regiment, and equipped with powerful artillery firepower, in order to suppress our artillery firepower.However, our army had only one infantry regiment holding the laoshan position, and another infantry regiment serving as the battle reserve. In terms of infantry strength alone, our army was at an absolute disadvantage.Of course, it should be explained here that it is not the lack of infantry strength of our army, but the laoshan position is not suitable for deploying too many infantry, otherwise it is easy to be hit by the enemy’s intensive artillery fire and suffer serious losses. The deployment of several enemy regiments into the attack is also the implementation of the cascade configuration, rather than all deployed on the front line.At that time, the 119 Artillery Group was organized into 12 artillery batteries, 4 tank batteries and 3 rocket launcher batteries. The 82-mm mortars were directly controlled by the battalion command post, and the 100-mm and above mortars were all directly controlled by the regiment command post.They include rocket launchers, 100mm mortars, 85mm cannons, 152mm howitzers and other heavy artillery.In the direction where the enemy may attack, our artillery has worked out a strict fire blockade plan, setting up blocking fire in sections, with one artillery company in charge of one section and two others reserved for repeated bombardment, and the rocket artillery company carrying out area fire coverage at any time.At that time, our army had been fully alert to the possible counterattack of the enemy, and accurately judged that the enemy might launch an attack at 5 o ‘clock in the morning of the 12th, after all, the enemy’s mountain warfare tactics are basically taught by our army.At 3 o ‘clock in the morning, the 119 artillery group of the PLA received an order to use three artillery batteries to conduct disturbing firing in an area 1,000 meters away from the front line of the position, firing one standard round (1/10 of the ammunition base of barrel artillery and 1/5 of the ammunition base of rocket artillery).However, the 119 artillery commanders felt that a disruption fire with only three companies was too small, and too few shells were fired, to break up the attack.In addition, through communication with the commanding personnel of the forward infantry regiment, it is believed that the enemy infantry troops may have secretly assembled within 500 meters of our front position, which is also a common attack tactic used by our army.RGT “germania” in the end of 119 the artillery group decided to use six battery for positions within 500 metres of frontier area coverage, standard three gun ammunition, after the shooting, fired flares view, frontier replied without any movement, thought judgment, so close to enemy infantry did not touch the distance, the shell game of shuttlecocks.Later it was known that the enemy’s first wave of attacking infantry troops had indeed advanced to the front of my position within 500 meters of the area, our army’s two rounds of artillery shooting precision hit on the enemy’s head, on the spot killed the enemy’s two battalion commanders, so that the enemy suffered heavy losses.However, the quality of the enemy infantry is also very strong, and the severity of the wounded have not been exposed, so our army mistakenly thought that the shelling did not have an effect, in fact, the effect is outstanding, directly leading to the first wave of infantry attack ability sharply reduced.At 5 a.m., the enemy attacked punctuously, firing from all fronts, but although they achieved some tactical surprise results, their ability to attack was greatly reduced by the heavy shelling that had previously hit the enemy’s first echelon infantry.Therefore, the most critical task of our artillery is to block the front of the position and prevent the advance of the enemy’s subsequent echelons.All barreled artillery to the position of the front 200 meters of the implementation of a tight fire blockade, artillery fire back and forth from left to right, forming a tight artillery blockade line.In addition, three rocket launchers continuously covered the deep area and fired 13 salvos at one stretch, giving powerful damage to the enemy infantry units.The battle lasted from 5 a.m. to 12 a.m. the next day, and the 119 Artillery Group ran out of 2.5-base ammunition. More than 470 trucks were mobilized to deliver shells, which finally ensured sufficient ammunition supply.The laoshan defense operation lasted nearly a day, 119 artillery group fired more than 10,000 shells, enemy casualties of more than 3700 people, basically by the artillery annihilation, enemy infantry into the basic all serious losses, losing combat ability.The laoshan defence fight, our army artillery has played a key role, then the enemy into a number of elite infantry regiment, and our troops on the ground only deployed an infantry regiment, and enemy infantry has been secretly massing in frontier region, 500 meters distance I position to say a quick impact can on the ground, and in view of the fact that the enemy infantry advantage,Our infantry regiment was likely to lose ground, and our reserve regiment, which consisted of only one regiment, could hardly regain ground even if fully engaged. Therefore, the artillery played a decisive role in killing the enemy infantry and preventing their subsequent reinforcements.Marshal Ye Jianying said after watching the video of laoshan Battle that he had never seen so many enemy corpses since the Huaihai Campaign, which showed the serious casualties of enemy troops under the attack of our artillery.