Hidden in the downtown “forest oxygen bar”!Guangzhou Changling to create a “three-life integration” sample

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The sports park “on the doorstep”, the red tea garden connecting generations of memories, the ancient and famous trees incorporated into the electronic map, the 68km national mountaineering fitness trail…In Changling Street, Huangpu, Guangzhou, the visible changes witness the close integration of city and nature, urban and rural areas, and delight the people who live and work here.The forest coverage of Changling street is as high as 50%.Changling Street is located in the east of Guangzhou. The forest coverage rate reaches 50% and the ecological green space accounts for 80%. It is the well-known “forest oxygen bar” in Huangpu District.In recent years, Changling Sub-district has strengthened the overall planning of urban construction and rural revitalization, kept the bottom line of protection of ancient trees and cultural relics, explored the mode of rural ecological revitalization to retain nostalgia, told the cultural story of “Landscape Changling” in an all-round and multi-angle, and walked out of the way of high-quality development of ecological, production and life integration.On a winter morning in Guangzhou, although the air is a little cold, there are many leisure sports in the city.In changling Sports park, several elder sisters are working hard on the spinning bike, the park runway, young mothers with children in play.”I come to the [sports park] every day. I work out during the day and do square dancing at night.There are a lot of people, and I have to queue up if I come late on weekends.”Li, who is exercising, said she will move to Changling after retirement.In the early years, the transportation and living facilities here were really unsatisfactory, but in recent years, they have changed a lot, and she likes living in Changling more and more.Changling sports Park to create the door of the green gym.The changling Sports Park is not big in area, but it has all the five organs. There are not only waist twisters, turntables, fitness machines and other common fitness equipment in community parks, but also large sports courts such as basketball courts and badminton courts.The park is also equipped with ecological public toilets, including barrier-free toilets for the disabled, reflecting full humanistic care from the details.”The scale of our pocket parks and small green Spaces is small and the investment is not large, but the social effect is very good.”Changling streets in huangpu district secretary of the party working Shen Kai introduction, changling sports park built in July 2021, the land was piled up spare lots of construction waste, through extensive collection of public opinion, changling streets to transform and upgrade the landscape of this plot, with a total investment of about 3 million yuan to build the sports park, near the door right now have temperature recreational place,There are children’s laughter, but also the joy of grandpa and aunt dancing, but also to see young people dunking and serving strong posture.Residents work out at changling Sports Park.Residents work out at changling Sports Park.In recent years, Changling Subdistrict adheres to the development concept of “people’s city built by people, people’s city for people”, and does a good job in urban “green” development.In addition to changling exercise park, park, park to plant trees and green memory square park built 4 pockets, during the Spring Festival this year, an area of 326 acres of changling issue also open their doors, modern agriculture park visitors can park and take photos flowers, small clock in the train, the park is people elected the parent-child park in guangzhou recommend the destination.The changling National Mountaineering Fitness Trail, the first national mountaineering trail in Guangdong province with 68 kilometers built in 2021, has long been known as the “Internet hot” trail.This trail is like a green bead chain, connecting the landscape and cultural villages in the northern part of huangpu District, becoming a good place for outdoor sports.Recently, the 6-kilometer guangshan Road cycling green road has been completed, cycling enthusiasts can feel the joy of swimming in the mountains.In lingtou community, several trees with QR codes stand out, with thick branches and lush green leaves even in winter.The air in the forest is fresh and comfortable.”These trees have watched us grow up. When I was young, there was no electric fan. In summer, we came here to take a nap at noon with MATS and small benches.Longan tree to the fruit, the tree is picking fruit of the children.These trees have protected us for generations and we need to protect them as well.”Hu Yanling, who has lived in Changling for nearly 50 years, said with emotion.Changling street implements the “tree long system” of ancient and famous trees to protect precious species resources.Changling street is not only beautiful scenery, but also the gathering place of ancient and famous trees.At present, 898 ancient trees are listed in the district, including lychee, autumn maple and other ancient and famous trees, accounting for 9% of the total number of the city. They are not only witnesses of history and culture, but also important materials for the study of natural history.In order to protect this precious species resources, huangpu district implementation of ancient trees and trees “tree long system”, will be under its control of all ancient trees into the Huangpu district ancient trees and trees electronic map system, to achieve 24-hour monitoring;Maps of historical and cultural protection objects are made. All urban renewal projects have completed the compilation and demonstration of special chapters for the protection of historical relics and ancient and famous trees. Traditional buildings are managed by special personnel.At present, Changling Sub-district has launched the “Changling Ecological and natural environment protection and restoration Action” and implemented the “Ancient Tree Story” project. Relying on the red resources such as the revolutionary site of Dongjiang Column in its sub-district, it has excavated stories related to ancient and famous trees and filmed oral videos of villagers.People can not only get to know ancient trees through tree labels, but also scan the QR code to understand the history behind ancient trees.Retain homesickness explore new model rural ecological revitalization of red tea garden in the ridge ascend the stairs, whole village to lush, mist, tea tree along the green, chose a piece of green leaf buds into the fine taste in the mouth, slightly bitter taste the sweet filar silk, after a fresh tea, here is the famous “whampoa” red hill head of black tea black tea origin.”These tea trees have a history of more than 50 or 60 years. Although it is not big, it has strong roots and is an old tree.It is also where educated youth and lingtou villagers ate, lived and worked together, and cultivated a thousand mu tea garden in Lingtou farm one hoe at a time, bearing the full memories of that generation.”Hu Yanling said.Lingtou red tea garden “Whampoa red” black tea brand.”Huangpu Red” is the original lingtou black tea. It was planted in 1959 and has a history of more than 60 years.From 1960s to 1970s, many groups of educated youth went to lingtou Farm to plant tea plantations on a large scale.Thanks to the basic advantages and resource endowment of local ancient tea, Lingtou black tea is famous for its natural flower and fruit fragrance, red and bright color, strong and lasting aroma.”The educated youth of that year worked here and forged a deep friendship with the villagers of Lingtou.My uncle worked in a tea farm and met my aunt who came here as an educated youth. They miss their life here very much.”Hu yanling said that more than 10 years ago, out of feelings for her hometown, she joined the construction of the tea garden, hoping to make Lingtou tea again famous.At present, Huangpu District has introduced a team led by Liu Zhonghua, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, to build a high-end tea brand rural revitalization project in Lingtou Tea Garden under the model of “academician guidance + high-tech + base”.”If we respect history, folk customs and the needs of the masses, we will gain more understanding and support.”Shen Kai said that around the history of the educated youth farm, Changling Street has created a “Museum of the Years” party construction characteristic position, which has received warm response from the original farm workers and educated youth groups. Almost every week, the old educated youth meet to visit the community and thank the street for its respect for the generation’s labor and youth history.In recent years, through the mode of “rural revitalization + urban renewal”, Changling Street has actively promoted local folk culture on the basis of retaining its “agricultural and rural” background.In addition to building the educated youth Cultural Park, it has also built “golden signs” such as jute Rural revitalization workstation, Green Memory Square, Yunshan Autumn Moon Micro Headquarters base and Beautiful Township Road.”We have also set up 47 distinctive Party and mass service teams, such as Qingshan Forest protection, Lion Awakening Culture and National Trail. Party members registered within the two groups actively participate in the characteristic service activities of rectification work, and each registration is’ second light ‘.”Shen kai said that party members actively show their identity and work with the masses to safeguard the ecological environment, and the work in the streets has been significantly improved.Writing: Nan Du reporter Mo Zhihua correspondent Jiao Chanjuan Fan Minling Li Jianfeng Photography: Nan Du reporter Ma Qiang