County traffic police punishment at will, such as child’s play, when the road three chaos Hugh

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“Nothing is impossible without thinking.”This sentence to describe handan city county traffic police enforcement, it can be said to be appropriate, the most appropriate.While everyone is immersed in the joy of the New Year, drivers Zhao and Chang are not happy.If you want to say because of what thing, it is not really a big deal, because the traffic police fined 50 yuan a year ago.Before the card friends master driving his semi tractor way handan shexian.Meet traffic police check car, different routes, different locations, but the traffic police punishment method is surprisingly similar.When they get stopped, they just get the ticket and walk away, and they don’t even have to sign it for you, so you can just walk away with a ticket that’s totally machine-made.Card friends master Zhao and master often are good drivers, but lack of ability to communicate with people, that is, we often say honest people, if they break the law, pay a fine is fine, but they don’t know where they are wrong, was directly fined 50 yuan, let the card friends master really hold fire.Want to handan city traffic patrol team leadership, to investigate the illegal behavior of law enforcement, typical highway SanLuan, public law enforcement recorder, obtain “illegal facts”, also friend a clean, clear “ignorant of law” in the platoon, the practice quality, outside tree image, on the overall quality of the contingent of ascension out of true kung fu, creating a team of people’s satisfaction!Source: Kato Shin