Chasing snow children’s fun: The world of ice and snow in children’s mind

2022-07-30 0 By

With just a few days to go before the lunar New Year in 2022, the rainy days of the winter months will come to their ultimate test on Thursday night as forecasters forecast heavy snow and snow to end the wearying spell of rain.For snow, we are not strange, but for those children, it is endless fun, snowball fights, make a snowman, play snow, all of us when we were young once experienced happy inheritance to our next generation.”Yuanyuan, it’s going to snow tomorrow!””Good, good, I want to make a snowman with upstairs brother!”Full of expectations of my eldest brother with extremely excited tone looking forward to tomorrow’s white snow!January 28th The most comfortable thing in a winter morning is probably lying in a warm bed. With the urgent call of the alarm clock, I get up and open the curtains. The sky begins to snow, and the snow we expect has finally arrived.”Yuanyuan, it’s snowing.” “Where is the snow?I want to sleep a little longer!””The snow is outside until you get up!”Sure enough, the expectation of snow let the baby immediately to the spirit, dressed and stood in front of the window, it is a pity that the small snowflakes floating in front of the spirit completely, then will focus on the animation!The predicted storm did not come, and the light snow that had stood before it fell silent, leaving no trace.Late morning on January 28 are fine snow is just an appetizer, afternoon to the evening, hide in the thick clouds of snow family cannot endure the strong appearance of the dark cloud city, hike up the snow again, this time the snow is very awesome, isn’t blizzard city appearance, but as long as I have to for a long time, it will leave my mark on the boundless field!”Yuanyuan, look outside snow, the ground has become white” this time, with the snow imprinting, finally is to the interest, came to the window, let me hold her up to see the snow, under the street lamp, the fine snow flying, if the fantasy, happy girl in my heart can not help but also stretch out his hand to meet the start of the snow that melts.”Dad, let’s go out and play in the snow!””No, now is the night, the snow is not enough, tomorrow morning we get up on the ground are thick snow, that is fun!”After many coaxing, the girl just collected the stubborn, difficult to climb into bed, but the mouth is still muttering to himself, after all, behind the temptation of the snow, is that childlike innocence.January 29 morning of the good morning is from the expectation of playing snow, opened the curtain, the snow has stopped, but almost no snow on the ground, the grass on the branches also accumulated a thin layer of snow, but parked outside the car on top of the very force, accumulated a thick layer of snow, enough to do snowball!Wake up the long-awaited girl, finished dressing and washing, then went outside to screw up a snowball.A lot of snow on the roof of the car were our scourge, play not enough, we got a few snowballs home in the basin, while watching cartoons, again get up this icy snowball, wish never melt!In the morning of January 30, after yesterday afternoon, another sky to fill the snow, this ice and snow world finally opened a taste.It has not been seen in the city, the end of the year has already arrived, back to his hometown in the countryside, the snow is still, look up, the distant mountain peak is still pale, this Spring Festival before a snow show has come to an end.Follow the mood of children chasing snow together, feel the ice and snow world in the hearts of children now, that is also the ice and snow love we have experienced!