Trumpchi M8 is the leader in luxury business MPV and the leader in smart technology

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Trumpchi M8 Master edition Chinese luxury business MPV leader, exclusive car purchase treatment, 200,000-class luxury MPV, Trumpchi M8 drive home, 2021 M8 core replacement listed 390T +8AT, to achieve excellence, stronger, smoother, lower consumption, 192,800 to 264,800 yuan,Trumpchi M8 2021 refreshed and upgraded 390T cylinder direct injection turbocharged engine and Aixin 8AT gearbox, meeting national VI emission standards;The comprehensive comfort of the cockpit is improved, and the newly adjusted chassis is used to further meet the needs of consumers for more efficient and higher value cars. The sincerity brings better car experience. The nobility is fully displayed, superior is more than one side, suitable for home and business, the whole scene luxury MPV, Trumpchee M8, supreme courtesy, nobility is more than one level.Trumpchi M8, it only takes 15 minutes for approval.Buy trumpchi, find a discount, to the airport!Buy trumpchi, find a discount, to the airport!Guangzhou Trumpchi Airport jinguang store, the national quality sales store, car source guarantee, good faith, better service!Has been to customer satisfaction for the purpose of the intention to treat every batch of car owners.With the most affordable price to return the trust of every car owner, buy Trumpchi look forward to the big family of Airport, Tianjin and Guangzhou!Tianjin Airport Jinguang shop to help you easily start gaC Trumpchi car, details consultation: 022-58097000!Address: Zeng1, No. 8, Huanhe West Road, Airport Economic Zone, Tianjin, China (behind the former Che Wang Used Car