These cat “help” signals, but you think is a small thing

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Cat not speak when they have requirements or to help through body language tell the owner but many pet owners don’t understand the cat these cats but you thought that “calling for help” signal is small 01 more sound than usual cat mews is specially developed for human communication and so usually a cat won’t bark unless there is a demandTime if your cat suddenly more sound than usual and cries like a moan, SOB, irascible so cat is probably the body uncomfortable or frighten the cat it is want to “yelling” don’t you think ignore it is small and the common phenomenon of 02 cats often yawn yawn a stretch stretches the physique, refreshing but ifCats often yawn and stay longer or in prayer position then spoil the Lord must be pay attention to the cat may be my stomach so just use this action to spoil the Lord can help relieve the pain this time if it rubbing his belly overeating or indigestion can to feed it some probiotics 03 hid himself in the corner the cat sick or injured will find a place to hide itThe nature if your cat suddenly hid himself in the corner you told not to come out so don’t call it thought it was a small matter if it is best to check its body found abnormal will be treated in a timely manner the 04 licked a part of the body cat licking your body is a common phenomenon but cats are generally “rain and dew participation of every part will take care of if your cat lickedTo certain parts of the body that spoil the Lord is about to see if the part it hurt if not that prove that cats main look around at this time is more anxious pet have let the cat afraid of things, and to soothe it was on the floor bottom if your cat on the floor grinding bottom don’t think it is boring or funny and laugh at the cat have such action may be because ofHave parasites or anal gland inflammation pet main view if because parasites that will help as soon as possible if it insect repellent because anal gland inflammation will help it squeeze can if the cat is not co-operating with some snacks to induce it snacks recommended the “wonderful freeze-dried duck grain”, made from pure duck high-protein low-fat, nutrition and health,Duck meat also decrease internal heat for a cat snack 06 no appetite for cats eat cat gave birth to the most important thing so no matter what your cat won’t eat unless is body uncomfortable so if cat suddenly no appetite that is about to see if it is sick or injured, if your cat often don’t eat the food taste spoil the Lord canTo give it to choose a good palatability cat food is the staple food here recommend “cat food”, dedicated to trace ingredients first the flavor of selected regional high quality food materials by han’s unique flavor technology factory processing maximum keep the ingredients selection chicken, fish, beef as a raw material meat content as high as 80%, meet the cat does not add attractant and the nature of love to eat meat flavor agent,From the quality of raw materials to attract the taste of cats and do not eat the package return service, do not worry about bought cats do not eat the situation, usually can also be sheep milk powder mixed into the cat food, improve the cat’s appetite, nutrition is good conclusion: do you know how the cat is uncomfortable?Feel free to share your pictures in the comments section