Taiwan has 71 new confirmed cases of COVID-19

2022-07-29 0 By

Taipei, February 4 (By He Zili and Xu Ruiqing)The Taiwan Epidemic Command Center announced on Thursday that 71 new COVID-19 cases were confirmed, including 25 local cases and 46 imported cases.There were no new deaths among confirmed cases.According to the command center, 14 new cases were male and 11 female, ranging in age from under five to their 70s.Among them, 10 cases were related to Japan, 8 cases were distributed in Taoyuan and 2 cases in Xinbei. All of them were detected in the first quanzhou, and they are the clustering cases that need to be paid attention to most at present.According to the command center, 26 new arrivals were male and 20 were female, ranging in age from less than 10 to their 70s.According to the command center, 5,719,429 COVID-19 cases have been reported so far, 19,029 of which have been confirmed.(after)