People volunteered to turn in their shotguns to cure the explosion

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Beijing Olympics for the Chinese athletes refueling for further implement the autonomous region public security department “special action made for detonation gun” file spirit and the city’s public security organs “made for detonation gun” special operation deployment conference spirit, overall situation of maintaining safety and society stable and protect human life and property safety of the masses, to withdraw loose social shot to items,To achieve the eradication of guns, stock clearance to see the bottom of the work target.According to the actual situation of social security in the area under the jurisdiction, Xijie police Station actively carried out propaganda activities to arrest guns and cure explosions in the area, guided and mobilized the masses to actively participate in them, and the enthusiasm and initiative of the people under the jurisdiction to further improve their safety awareness, hand in all kinds of guns and ammunition, and provide relevant clues.Recently, a resident of my district came to the West Street police station and took the initiative to hand over two shotguns to the police on duty.The resident said the shotgun was left by his brother-in-law, who had been dead for more than 10 years, and he found the shotgun when he went back to his old house to collect his belongings.Think of the police before the publicity of guns and explosives scattered social harm, on the timely shotgun to the police station.The police on the area of the masses to take the initiative to hand over the behavior of guns to give affirmation, and hope that he can call on the masses around, take the initiative to hand over the guns and ammunition, and to the public security organs to actively provide gun-related explosion clues, police people of the same mind, jointly maintain the safety of the area.Next, west street police station will always keep to shot to illegal crime of high-pressure situation, continue to strengthen made gun put to blast propaganda work, deepen the consolidate special made for detonation gun battle, bat strict controls of explosives, guns strike hard YanZhi shot to illegal crime, resolutely prevent shot to spread concerns breeding, to maintain the safe and stable social environment.END article author | Zhang Ziyang editor | preliminary review | Ding Minjie Department review | Liu Ruiqing supervisor | Han Fei